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In the O.Zhandosov reading room of the Kazakhstankitaptary Service, a book exhibition «Ultym dep otken Kayratker» was organized, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the prominent statesman and public figure, publicist, first director of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan Oraz Zhandosov.

Oraz Kikimovich Zhandosov was born on February 20, 1899 in village №7 of Chemolgan parish of Semirechensk region (now Kaskelensky district of Almaty region). In 1908-1918, he studied at the Vernenskaya Men's Gymnasium. He actively participated in the formation and strengthening of Soviet power in Kazakhstan.

In 1918-1922 – instructor of the Vernensky District and City Council, head of the Department for National Affairs in the Semirechensk region, chairman of the Provisional Semirechensk Bureau of the Muslim Organization of the Russian Communist Party (b), in 1922-1923 - head of the Department of agitation and propaganda of the Central Committee of the Turkestan Communist Party, in 1923-1924 – student of the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev, in 1924-1928 – head of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Kazraikom of the CPSU (b), head of the expedition to study socio-economic relations in the village, in 1927-1929. – People's Commissar of Education Kaz.SSR, Chairman of the Central Board of the Society for the Study of Kazakhstan. In 1931-1933, he was the first director of the State Public Library of the Kazakh SSR.

Oraz Zhandosov possessed not only the talent of a great statesman and public figure, but also the data of an outstanding speaker and publicist, a serious researcher of the problems of socio-economic and socio-political life of Kazakhstan and Turkestan, an expert on agrarian, peasant and national issues.

On July 30, 1937, Oraz Zhandosov was arrested on charges of anti-Soviet activities. By the verdict of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR on March 3, 1938, he was shot.By the ruling of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR dated June 8, 1957, he was posthumously rehabilitated.

 In 2020, on the eve of the 110th anniversary of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the reading room of the «Kazakhstan Kitaptary» Service was named after a prominent statesman and public figure Oraz Zhandosov. 

A street in Almaty, on which a monument is erected, is named in honor of O. Zhandosov. Schools and gymnasiums in the city of Almaty and in regional centers also bear his name.

The book exhibition consists of three sections. The first section of the exhibition «Kayretkerlik ustanymdaryn kalyptasuy» reflects materials about the life and work of O.Zhandosov: encyclopedias, bibliographic reference books and literature about him.

In the second section, «Kitaphana irgetasyn kalagan tulga» introduces readers to the activities of a state and public figure, such as: «Kazakhstan Republikasy Ulttyk kitaphanasyn tarikhy» in 2 volumes (2011), «O.K.Zhandosov atyndagi zhane 1918-1938 zhyldardagi Kazakstanyn aleumettik-madeni damu yerekshelikteri» (2010),»Ulttyk kitaphana.-2009.- № 1», periodicals, etc.

The third section «Shyn men shynyrau arasynda» presents the scientific legacy of O. Zhandosov and memories of him: «Cultural construction in Kazakhstan» (1918-1932) (1965), «Fighters for Soviet Power in Kazakhstan» (1982), «Victory of Marxist-Leninist ideology in Kazakhstan» (1970), «Uraz Dzhandosov» (1999), «Legendary Oraz» (1999), G.Nurymbetova «Oraz Zhandosov: Kogamdyk-sayasi kyzmeti» (1990), etc.

The purpose of the book exhibition is to pay tribute to the memory and popularization of the works of the statesman and public figure O.Zhandosov, to attract the attention of readers of the historical personality.

We invite you to the book exhibition!