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The book exhibition «The Originality of Chinese Culture in Books» has been organized in the Hall of Culture and Literature of China.

China is the oldest civilization in the world.The culture of China is distinguished by the wealth of its material and spiritual values, which have not changed for thousands of years. Despite external influences and conquests, Chinese culture maintained its uniqueness and originality. Many of humanity's achievements are rooted in Chinese civilization. China has become the birthplace of gunpowder and paper. It is from here that the Great Silk Road originates, which was a kind of connecting bridge between the East and the West. Starting from Xi'an, the former capital of ancient China, it ended at the Mediterranean coast. It transported paper, silk, gunpowder, precious stones, and oriental spices from China to Europe.

Chinese culture includes customs and traditions, music, dance, painting, language, cuisine, clothing and applied arts.Of particular note is the Chinese script. Chinese writing is one of the oldest in the world and is unique in its own way, since today in China they write using the same alphabet as five thousand years ago. First, the Chinese wrote on wooden tablets, then on silk, and at the turn of our era paper was invented. China is not only the birthplace of paper, but also of printing. It was here that the book was first printed in the Х century.

Throughout the history of Chinese culture, each of the existing epochs has left for posterity values that are unique in beauty, originality and diversity. The culture of China had a great influence on the development of the cultures of numerous neighboring peoples, as well as on a large number of the leading powers of the medieval world. Chinese culture has also made a significant contribution to the development of world culture.

The book exhibition from the fund of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents books on the history of Chinese culture from different eras in Kazakh, Chinese, English and Russian languages. According to the 2023 census, there are 57 World Heritage sites in China, including 39 cultural heritage sites, 14 natural heritage sites and 4 dual cultural and natural heritage sites.

The exhibition presents collections that allow you to study and give complete information about the masterpieces of Chinese culture: «World Heritage of China»; «Encyclopedia of Chinese Literature»; 2 volumes «Collection of Traditions». A special place at the book exhibition is given to the books of the series «Myths and Legends of China».

Books translated from the original language into Kazakh are also presented. Liang Sichen's book «The History of Chinese Architecture in Pictures» tells about the centuries-old history of Chinese architecture. The book by author Qian Weichang «Scientific Inventions in the History of China» contains four ancient Chinese inventions that are considered important achievements of human civilization and include such sciences as:mechanics, hydraulic engineering, metrology, mathematics, metallurgy, astronomy, agriculture. There are publications on art, music theory, sailing and others.

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition!