On February 27 there at the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan will take place the panel named “The newspaper “Senbon – Lenin kichi – Kore ilbo” – the indispensable part of the history of the Korean people”, dedicated to the centenary of the republican newspaper “Kore ilbo”.

There within the framework of the panel out of the fond of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is organized the exhibition of the newspaper “Kore ilbo” of different years of publication.

The first number of the newspaper came out on March 1, 1923 at the Far East (in Vladivostok city) on the 4-th anniversary of the First-March movement. During its centennial history the newspaper changed its name three times: from 1923 to 1937 “Senbon” (The Vanguard), from 1938 to 1991 “Lenin kichi” (The Leninist banner), from 1991 up to the present time “Kore ilbo” (The Korean everyday dairy). For some time from 1929 to 1934 the newspaper was published in Khabarovsk, after that again in Vladivostok. The last one 1644-th number of the newspaper “Senbon” came out in Vladivostok on September 12, 1937, in the year of the beginning of the mass deportation of the Koreans from the Far East.

During the relocation to the Kzyl-Ordinskaya region the workers of the editorial office managed to preserve the Korean typefaces, thanks to which the newspaper received the possibility to come out in Kazakhstan. The first number of “Lenin kichi” came out into the print already in May, 1938 in Kzyl-Orda. In 1978, after the 22 years after the adoption of the Decree of the secretariat of the CC of the CPK “About the moving of the editorial office of the republican newspaper “Lenin kichi” the newspaper started tom be published in Alma-Ata city.

At the very beginning the newspaper was the organ of print of the Primorskiy committee of the RKP(b) and the Primoskiy Soviet of the trade-union, after that of the Primorskiy VKP(b). In Kazakhstan in the first years it was published as the district, from 1940 as the Kzyl-Ordinskaya regional, and from 1953 as the republican, from 1961 as the inter-republican one. In 1991 “Lenin kichi” was transformed into the Korean international newspaper “Kore ilbo”. In 1988 in honour of the 50-th year of the publication of the first number of “Lenin kichi” it was awarded with the order of Friendship of the peoples. From 2000 “Kore ilbo” became the property of the Association of the Koreans of Kazakhstan.

During the century the newspaper was the only source of information and the unique means of communication for the majority of the Koreans.  The newspaper played the big role in the preservation of the national values, culture, written language, the language of koresaram.

There on the pages of “Kore ilbo” are reflected the destinies of the deported Koreans.

It represents by itself the unique historical manuscripts, the most important source of culture, traditions and rites of the Korean community.

Today “Kore ilbo” is the popular Korean mass-media edition beyond the Korean peninsular. The newspaper actively uses all the informational instruments for the development and the embrace of the auditorium: there develops the Internet-site of the newspaper, the official pages in the social networks etc.

There at the exhibition are presented the rare and jubilee numbers, the articles of the well-known writers, journalists, public figures published on the pages of the newspaper in different years.     

                        We invite everyone to the participation in the work of the panel and acquaintance with the exhibition!