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Between February 13-17, the specialists from the Almaty Regional Universal Library and the Centralized Library System of Almaty were trained at the Cataloguer  School of  National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The listeners got acquainted with the international and national documents regulating the rules for compiling the bibliographic records,as well as with the main provisions of cataloging and the work of the Fond Acquisition Service, the Reference and Information Service, the National Bibliography Service, the “Kazakhstan Kitaptary” Service, the Restoration, Conservation and Binding Service.

During the practical classes, the rules for selecting information from periodicals and collections were considered, as well as the preparation of the analytical bibliographic description of documents.

The training was conducted on 5 modules of the domestic system Web-RABIS.

The introductory tour of the structural divisions of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized for the listeners and Certificates of completion of the advanced training course were awarded.

The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan donated books, bibliographic indexes and the professional magazine "Kitap & Kitapkhana" to the Almaty Regional Universal Library from the exchange and reserve fond.

The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to improve their skills, invites all specialists involved in the machine-readable cataloging of documents to study at the School of the Cataloguer and the School for the Conservation and Restoration of Written Documents.

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