There in the hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition dedicated to the 800-th jubilee of the legendary sultan of Egypt of the XIII-th century, the outstanding commander, the Kipchak by the origins Sultan Beibars.

Sultan Beibars (Al-Malik az-Zakhir Rukn ad-Din Beibars al-Bundukdari, 1223-1277) – the fourth sultan of the Mamlyuk state. Sultan Beibars is the iconic, historical personality.  

In his youth Beibars was captured by the Mongols. He was sold to slavery for 800 dirhems to the Damascus merchant al-Imad ad-Dayig. Noting that there was the walleye upon the eye of the slave, the merchant nullified the deal but he was bought by the emir of the Mamlyuks Ala ad-Din Aitegin (Aidakin) al-Bundukdar. The youth started being called Beibars al-Budukdari. In the fighting affairs Beibars managed to show himself as the able strategist. The sultan of Egypt Ayubi made him his secretary. During this period the army of the Mamlyuk state under the leadership of Beibars fought back to the two large armies of the Middle Ages: the crusaders and the Mongol conquerors. His activity was reflected in the historical memory of the most peoples of the Near East, Egypt, Syria, Iran and some European states. He managed to bring Egypt to the unprecedented flourishing: he built the mosques, the shipyards, the crafts were developing during his rule, also agriculture, science, trade, art etc. The historians and biographers of Beibars of the whole world agree in one thing: he was from the tribe of the Kipchaks.

O.Suleimenov in his book “The language of the letter” noted: “There reached us the expanded names of the Turks of the Middle Ages: “I, bei-Bars, at-tyurk, al kipchak from the tribe bersh”, the Sultan of Egypt from the Mamlyuks of the 12-13-th cc. The tribe of bersh even today habitates at the west of Kazakhstan, but now being part not of the Kipchak Union, but of the Kazakh Union.          

In 2023 Egypt and Kazakhstan will celebrate the 800-th jubilee of Sultan Beibars.

The sides attribute especial significance to the carrying out in 2023 of the 800-th jubilee of the renowned son of the Kypchak steppe, the greatest Ruler of the medieval Egypt and Syria Sultan az-Zakhir Beibars.

There at the exhibition are presented the materials and articles from the fond of National library of the RK about the life of Sultan Beibars and his descendants, published upon the pages of the periodical editions.

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