On December 23, the librarian of the scientific and methodological service of the Hall of Library Science named after R. A. Berdigalieva of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. R.A. Berdigalieva National Library of the RK Myspaeva Raushan Kumarbekovna conducted a review on the topic: "Aggressive reader" for the service specialists "Kazakhstan kittatary".

The review began with an introduction, which was of great interest to the staff. Participants were introduced to an article published in Modern Library Magazine №8 (108) for 2020 on the problem of aggressive readers and their types, and received information on how to build relationships with them.

In addition to this topic, Raushan Kumarbekovna introduced colleagues-librarians with interesting articles from new issues of professional magazines "Vestnik BAE", "Biblio-field", "Library".

Also, young librarians were not spared. They were treated to an article entitled "Business Conflict, is a Basic Type of Conflict," published in the 5th and 6th editions of the Young in Librarianship magazine for 2020.

Recommendations were given for independent study of the theoretical knowledge presented in it and its application in practice. Raushan Kumarbekovna finished the review with a psychological training. Madina Bayanovna Zharknalova, head of the “Kazakgstan kitaptary” service, thanked Raushan Kumarbekovna on behalf of the librarians for the fact that we review was held in a special format and all those present received a lot of important information.

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