On August 24 there in the format of the work of the hall of the Literary academy at National library of the RK took place the next lesson of the course “The basics of financial literacy” for children from 10 to 13 years old.


The given course was elaborated by the holding Freedom Finance with the support of the Agency for regulation and development of financial market. “Freedom Finance Camp” is the charge-free study camp for children. The purpose of the work of the camp is to simply and accessibly tell children  what money is, how to treat it, to earn it, accumulate and spend wisely.

The theme of the lesson today is: “The banks, the insurance company and the child’s time-management”. At the given lesson the children presented their home tasks. After that the study went on about what the deposit is and what the credit is, about the types of insurance, considered the Eisenhower matrix and the money matrix, put the priorities in the business matters and many other things. The course of the studies is given by Dosniyazova Umit Kuanyshbekovna, the mentor  of the course “The basics of financial literacy”. The children took vary active part, asked and answered the questions. 

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