There in the hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “700 years – to “The Celestial comedy” of the great Italian poet Aligyeri Dante” (1265 - 1321).

“The Celestial comedy” is the poem written by Dante Aligyeri in the period approximately from 1308 to 1321 and which gives the widest synthesis of the culture of the Middle Ages and the ontology of the world. The first printed edition of “The Celestial comedy” is dated by April, 1472, it was printed in Folignio city in the amount of 800 copies. The epithet “celestial” for the first time appeared  in the Venetian edition of 1555 as the reminder that J. Bokkacho, the first biographer and commentator of the poet, while reading the public lectures about the creative activity of Dante named him “the celestial poet”. The primary name of the poem- “The comedy”. The poem is the real medieval encyclopaedia of the scientific, political, philosophical, moral and theological knowledge. It is acknowledged to be the greatest monument of Italian and world culture. The poem is divided into three parts or cantiks – “The hell”, “The purgatory” and “The paradise” – each of which consists of 33 songs (34 songs in the first part “The hell”, as the symbol of disharmony). All of it is written in the three-line stanzas with the special schemes of rhyming , by the so-called tercines.

“The comedy” is the fruit of the whole second part of the life and creative activity of Dante; this is his last and the ripest work. There in it in the fullest degree is embodied the world outlook of the poet. There are known also his other works: “The new life”, “The feast”, “The verses (Rime)”, “The eclogs”, “The messages” and also his Latin tractates “About the people’s eloquence” and “The monarchy”. In Italy March 25 is declared the National day of Dante Aligyeri which is marked from 2020. The year 2021 is also marked by the 700-th year from the day of the death of Dante.

There at the exhibition are presented the editions of the author from the fond of National library of the RK and the literature about him in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. In the English translations are presented the books of the author translated by John Charlie and published by the publishing house “The new American library” in 1954. There in the fond of National library of the RK is the edition of Dante Aligyeri “The hell. The celestial comedy” in the Russian translation, published in 1842 by the publishing house of “E. Fischer”. 


                                                                                                   We invite everybody to visit the book exhibition!