There on October 25 in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the International panel “The veczametres of Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov” dedicated to the 70-th birthday of the outstanding poet and writer Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov and organized by the International centre for nearing cultures under the aegis of UNESCO together with the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the panel was the understanding and the research of the literary and public-political ideas and values in the life and creative activity of Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov.

The mystery of the word, found out in the magical crystal of the poetry by Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov is seen to the readers not only as the true ethical beacon and the light island in the ocean of the intellectual night but as a true art is the mirror of the metaphors and the metamorphoses of culture. There in his veczameters are met the time of history and the time of everyday life: the verses becomes simultaneously “the point of collection” and the point of bifurcation by passing through which like through the magical crystal, the ray of time is split, breeding the multi-universe of the poetical chronos, opening the fate of culture in the past and future lives.

The activity was opened by director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna with the letter of greeting of the Head of state Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev on the occasion of the jubilee of the poet Bakytzhan Kanapiyanovand handed to the anniversarian the special medal of the Eurasian academy of sciences, arts and literature.

There with the word of greeting spoke the director of International centre of nearing cultures under the aegis of UNESCO Suleimenov Olzhas Omarovich.

There within the framework of the greetings director of the National state book chamber of the RK Adil Koitanov read and handed over to the poet the congratulation from the Ministry of culture and sport of the RK Aktoty Raimkulova. Deputy head of the Department of culture, development of languages and archival business of the Pavlodarskaya region Samal Samenova handed over to the poet the breast badge “The honorary citizen of the Pavlodarskaya region”. Director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna presented as a gift to the jubilee the picture with the image of the manuscript – the Qoran of the XVIII-th century kept in the fond of rare books and manuscripts of the library.

Also there at the panel spoke: the culturologist, the state and public figure Auezov Murat Mukhtarovich, the President of the Kazakh PEN-club Gabdullin Bigeldy Kayirdosovich, head of the department of analytics and external literary links of the Institute of literature and art after M.O. Auezov Ananyeva Svetlana Viktorovna, the poet, translator, member of the Writers’ Union of the RK Alashtugan Erzhan, President of the Eurasian fond of culture Kanapyanov Erulan Musakhanovich.

There in the online-regime with the words of greeting to the present people and congratulations to the jubilee spoke: the doctor of science (philology), literary expert, secretary of the Writers’ Union of the RF Zvonaryeva Lola Utkirovna (Russia), the editor of the Department of poetry and prose of the magazine “Moscow” Bayeva Natalya Vladimirovna (Russia), candidate of science (history), Oriental studies specialist, translator, specialist on South-Eastern Asia Pogadayev Victor Alexandrovich (Malasia), winner of the Prize of the Union of Canadian journalists in the nomination “For courage in journalistics” and the British magazine “Economist”, expert of the European mass-media for Kazakhstan Baiseyitova Lira Maksutovna  (Switzerland), the poet, member of the Russian PEN-club (New-York, USA) Kenzheyev Bakhyt and the poetess, translator Lazarevich Dayana (Serbia).           

There with the concluding word spoke the poet, writer, Honorary figure of the RK, winner of the State prize after Abai Kanapyanov Bakytzhan Musakhanovich, who npresented the new 3-volume collection of verses in the Kazakh language (tote zhazu) and presented it as a gift to the National library.

There within the framework of the activity was organized the exhibition of books and periodical editions “Zhakhan akyn – ZHAN BAKYT”, dedicated to the life and creative activity of Bakytzhan Kanapyanov.

The moderator of the panel was: the doctor, senior scientific worker of International Centre for nearing cultures Igor Krupko.

The participants: S. Kozybayev, Zh. Omarov, S. Abdulloh, F. Tamendarov, I. Iminov, B. Khabdina, the librarians of the Turkestanskaya region and others.

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