There in the hall for scientific workers after U. Sultangazin of the Service “Kazakstan kitaptary” is organized the book exhibition named “Tugyry biyik, gulama galym”, dedicated to the centenary of the birthday of the prominent public and state figure, academician of the NAS of the RK of Kazakhstan, honored figure of science of Kazakhstan Baidabek Akhmedovich Tulepbayev. 

Baidabek Akhmedovich Tulepbayev was born on October 10, 1921 in the village of Turtkul Dosan of the Baidibekskiy district of the Southern-Kazakhstani region (now the Turkestanskaya region). He began his labour activity in 1939 as a rural teacher of the Orlovskaya incomplete secondary school of the Chayanovskiy district of the Chimkentskaya region. In 1939-1945 he was in the Soviet army. Participant of the Great Patriotic war.

In 1949 B. Tulepbayev graduated from the Tashkentskiy state pedagogical institute after Nizami and the party school of the CC of the CP of Uzbekistan. He was working in the party organs – the CC of the CP of Uzbekistan, the CC of the CPSU, the Almatinskiy obkom of the party, the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR. In 1976-1984 – the vice-president of the AS of the Kaz.SSR, in 1985-1991 – director of the Institute of history of the party of the CC of the CP of Kazakhstan (the affiliate of the Intsitute of Marx and Lenin at the CC of the CPSU), in 1993-1996 - the first secretary of the CC of the Communist party of Kazakhstan. Several times he was elected the delegate of the congresses of the CC of Kazakhstan and the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kaz.SSR, the regional and city Soviets. For the valerous labour he was awarded with the orders, the jubilee medals and memorable bosom badges. He died on June 11, 2011.

Tulepbayev is the prominent public, state figure and big scientist who made a great contribution into science. There to him belong the elaborations of a number of topical issues of the theory and practice of agrarian reformations in the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, their roles in the solution of the grain and cotton problem in the USSR. He had high organizing ability, working ability, persistence in the achievement of the goals set. The whole of his activity , the scientific as well as the public were marked by deep conviction, principles, self-demand and the demand from others.

There in the fond of National library of the RK are kept more than 100 materials about the life and activity of B. Tulepbayev, his scientific works, monographs and articles on the pages of the periodical editions in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The purpose of the book exhibition is the popularization and acquaintance with the life and creative activity of the prominent figure and scientist, and also the attraction of the readers’ attention to learn as much as possible about this person.

The book exhibition “Tugyry biyik, gulama galym” begins from the biography of B. Tulepbayev: the encyclopaedias, the family photographs, the photographs of the military years, the honorary certificates etc.

Further on the exhibition embraces the public and state activity of B. Tulepbayev. He carried on great public work, being the link between the Russian Academy of sciences and the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  He had great authority in the All-Union society “Znaniye”. Beginning from 1976 B. Tulepbayev started to be closely engaged with science.

The next division of the exhibition is dedicated to the scientific activity of the scientist From 1976 B.Tulepbayev started to be closely linked with science. He is the author of the multiple works and monographs: “The implementation of the Leninist agrarian policy in the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan” (1967), “The victory of the Leninist ideas of socialist changes of agriculture in Central Asia and Kazakhstan” (1971), “The socialist agrarian changes in Central Asia and Kazakhstan” (1984), “D.A. Kunayev – the outstanding state and political figure” (2006), “The great creations and catastrophes in the XX-th century” (2015).

In 1960 he defended the candidat6e dissertation by the theme “The Communist party of Uzbekistan in the fight for the sharp rise of agriculture” (Moscow city), in 1967 – the doctoral one by the theme “The agrarian changes in the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan” (Moscow city).

Further on the book exhibition reflects the articles of academician B. Tulepbayev published in different years and the recollections of the relations, near ones and colleagues about him on the pages of the newspapers and magazines.

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