ахмет жұбанов

There in the reading hall of the Arts department is organized the book exhibition “Omirin onerimen ornektegen”, dedicated to the 115-th birthday of the well-known Kazakh composer, musical expert, pedagogue, conductor, public figure, people’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR, doctor of art-study, academician of the Academy of sciences of Kazakhstan Akhmet Kuanovich Zhubanov.

Akhmet Kuanovich Zhubanov was born on April 29, 1906 in the ravine Kosuaktam, today in the Aktyubinskaya region. In 1932 he graduated from the historical-theoretical faculty of the Leningrad conservatoire. In 1934 he created the Kazakh state academic orchestra of folk instruments after Kurmangazy and he was its conductor till 1945. In 1935-1937 he is the artistic leader of the Philharmonic society after Dzhambul. From 1961 he was head of department of musical art at the Institute of literature and art after Auezov.

In 1918 Zhubanov finishes the two-year Russian school in Zhuryn city and after that after studying  at the courses for the preparation of teachers, works in the Temir city. The years spent by Zhubanov in Aktyubinsk were especially important in his life. Here he becomes acquainted  with the violinist Chernyuk well known at that time who had graduated from the Warsaw conservatoire. Great impression upon Zhubanov had the just published book of A.V. Zatayevich “The 1000 songs of the Kazakh people”.

In 1938 A.Zhubanov becomes the pupil of the musical college after M.I. Glinka in Leningrad where he studies by the class of violin from the experienced pedagogue A.A.Etigon. There within the walls of the technical school Zhubanov becomes acquainted with the works of the Russian and foreign classics. Afterwards the talented musician is enlisted into the Leningrad conservatoire after Rinskiy-Korsakov by the class of oboe. Akhmet Zhubanov was the first Kazakh who received the higher musical education. In 1932 Zhubanov was called to work to Alma-Ata. A.Zhubanov compiled the first “musical ABC” in the Kazakh language,

he organized the musical cabinet and the experimental shop for the perfection of the Kazakh folk instruments. There to Almaty city to work were invited E. Brusilovskiy from Leningrad, L.Mukhitov from the Uralskaya region, M. Bukeikhanov from Kzyl-Orda, the masters in the manufacturing of the musical instruments the brothers Romanenko and others.

Also here Zhubanov created the students’ dombra ensemble, which at the All-Kazakhstani competition of people’s talents in 1934 demonstrated their art.

Soon the Presidium of the Kazakh Central Executive Committee approved the Decree about the creation upon its basis of the ensemble -  the orchestra of the Kazakh national instruments. Thus was born the well-known to the whole world the Kazakh state orchestra of folk instruments after Kurmangazy, the conductor and artistic leader of which was appointed A. Zhubanov. The composer activity of Zhubanov in 1938-40 was developing in two trends – he was engaged in the treatment of the folk songs and the kyuis and he wrote also his own works.       

Together with the composer M.F. Gnesin he works upon the music to the film “Amangeldy”.

After that he writes the music to the dramatic plays of M. Akynzhanov ”Isatai-Makhanbet” and of M.Auezov “Abai”. A.Zhubanov for many years headed the Chair of the Kazakh folk instruments of the Almatinskaya state conservatoire where he elaborated the special course on the history of the Kazakh folk music. Many of the well-known musicians today are the pupils of Akhmet Zhubanov. They are Nurgisa Tlendiyev, Shamgon Kazhgaliyev, Rustembek Omarov and others. A.Zhubanov died on May 30, 1968 in Alma-Ata city.

There at the exhibition “Omirin onerimen ornektegen” are presented the materials disclosing his life, creative, scientific and pedagogical way, and also the musical works, the scripts and the books.

                                   We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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