There in the reading hall of the Arts department is organized the book exhibition “Kazak onerinyn serkesy” dedicated to the 125-th birthday of the well-known Kazakh actor of theatre and cinema, the People’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR, Hero of socialist labour, winner of the Stalinist prize of the third degree Seraly Kozhamkulov.

Seraly Kozhamkulov was born in 1896 in the 13-th aul of the Kustanai uyezd of the Turgai region of the Stepnoi general-governorship. He was bereft early of his father. From 1907 he is the shepherd in his native village. In 1913-1916 he studied in the Tartar school “Uazifa” in the city of Troyitsk of the Chelyabinskaya region. In 1917 he returned to his native aul. He is the participant of the Civil war from 1919, he fought in the guerilla team under the commandment of Alibi Dzhangildin.

From 1920 he is the student of the philological faculty of the Tartar institute of enlightenment.

In March, 1923 he was ill and returned back to the native aul. From November, 1923 he worked as the coroner in the Kustanaiskiy judicial okrug.

Serke Kozhamkulov for the first time got attention paid upon him due to his abilities by actively participating in the work of the troupe “Kyzyl keruyen” in 1920-s. in 1922 he participated in the staging of the tragedy of Mukhtar Auezov “Enlik-Kebek” in which he performed one of the main roles. One of the first Kazakh professional actors. In 1925 Serke Kozhamkulov was invited as the director to the newly organized  first professional Kazakh theatre in Kzyl-Orda. The first staging of the theatre took place on January 13, 1926, it was the play “Altyn Sakina” (“The golden ring”) staged by S.Kozhamkulov. During these years he cooperated with such talented personalities like I.Baizakov, K.Zhandarbekov, A.Kashaubayev, K.Kuanyshbayev, E.Omirzakov and Zh.Shanin. Thanks to the efforts of S.Kozhamkulov, there on the stage of this theatre were staged such plays like “Baibishe - tokal” of M.Auezov, “Khalyk mektebi”, “Kalpe” of B.Mailin, “Zarlyk” of U.Ospanov, “The marriage” of N.Gogol.

The contemporaries noted his wonderful penetration into the image, the ability to precisely transfer the sound intonations without breaking the scenic technics, the mastery in the creation of the images of “little people”, the ability to transfer the comic contents of the role and the tragedy of the inner state of the heroes. Especially successful he was in the comedian roles.

He was shot in the films. Regardless of the little quantity of the roles (during the 42 years of the cinema career he was shot in 22 films) he entered the history of the Kazakh cinematography as one of the most wonderful heroes invariably loved by the spectators.

His first role was in the film “The songs of the steppes” (1930). Especially glorifying for the actor were the roles in the films “Amangeldy” (1938), “The songs of Abai” (1945), “The fires of Baku” (1950), “The poem about love” (1954), “The girl-dzhigit” (1955), “Our lovely doctor” (1957), ”The beardless liar” (1965).

Kozhamkulov for his unique scenic mastery was awarded with the orders and medals, he is the winner of different prizes of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR, Seraly Kozhamkulov is “The honorary citizen of Kustanai city”. S. Kozhamkulov died in Almaty on December 31, 1979.

After his name is named the Kazakh musical-dramatic theatre in Zhezkazgan. In Almaty city there upon the building where he lived there is established the memorial plaque, after his name is named a street.

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