The main trends:

The provision of access of readers to the national and world note-and-musical heritage concentrated in the fond of the NLRK;

The popularization of the musical art on the basis of the note-musical collections of the NLRK and the solution of the problems of its preservation.

The main functions:

The servicing of readers with the literature about art from the fonds of the department and the Service of the depositary;

  • The formation of the subsidiary fonds of literature on art, the specialized collections of notes and audio-visual editions, including the electronic ones;
  • The organization of registration and movement of the fond, its rational placement;
  • The maintenance of the catalogues in the electronic and card forms;
  • The digitization of the vinyl gramophone records in the department;
  • The provision for readers of the services in the audio-listening of musical works and musical instruments by playing;
  • The carrying out of the book-illustrative exhibitions and organization of meetings with the musicians, composers, performers etc.;
  • The consultative-methodological assistance to the librarians of Kazakhstan.

There in the department function:

  • The reading hall;
  • The cabins for the individual listening to music;
  • The specialized cabinet with the instruments for playing them and for audio-listening to the works;
  • The digitization and recording onto the CD-s of the gramophone records;
  • The permanently operating exhibitions “The travelling to the world of arts”, “The new books”, “The new magazines” and the calendar thematic exhibitions.

There at the department works the club in art named “Inzhu-Marzhan”. The purpose of the club is the propagation of the Kazakh art, organization of meetings with the figures of art, the carrying out of the panels and exhibition for the users of the library.

The Head of the Department:

Barmanasheva Zhanat Abilkasymovna

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.