Of the Kazakhstani Library Union and National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place another lecture from the cycle of the republican online-training.

The moderator of the online-training was deputy director for library work of National library of the RK, executive director of the Kazakhstani Library Union A.Kh.Yussupova.

The coach-trainer, director of the Kostanai regional universal scientific library after L.N. Tolstoi Dyuisebayeva Darikha Torebayevna presented the lecture by the theme: “The fake: what is it and how can it be recognized?”.

There in the online-training it was said that the majority of users of information do not pay attention to the truthfulness of information. In particular, there in the social networks and messengers at the time of the catastrophe and extraordinary situations, political events a great amount of false informations takes place.

The people display passivity. Without checking the message thus they spread the false information in the social networks. In order to avoid responsibility for wide-spreading false information the citizens must be able to recognize the fake information. Also they must know that in accordance with the legislation of the RK for wide-spreading deliberately false information criminal punishment is provided.

In the course of the lecture there was given detailed information pertaining to recognizing fake information.      

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