On February 26, 2020 there within the framework of implementation of the programme “Digital Kazakhstan” with the purpose of exchange of experience at the National library of the RK were carried out the one-day study-methodological studies for the specialists of the Department of archivation of the republican data-base of the Republican state enterprise “Kazgidromet”.


The listeners became acquainted with the work of the Service of digital technologies, in particular with the peculiarities of formation of the fond of electronic documents, creation and loading of content into the Kazakhstani National electronic library (KAZNEB), the rules of digitization of documents and scanning equipment, there was shown the whole process of creation of the electronic documents.

The listeners of “Kazgidromet”also came to know the work of the Service of reference-informational servicing where they got the consultation on the work of the domestic software Web-Rabis, the module “Search - Order”, and in the Service of informational resources – with the main postulates and general rules of cataloguing.

The specialists of “Kazgidromet” expressed great interest to the Cataloguer’s school, the School of conservation and restoration of written documents, created on the basis of National library of the RK.

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