The National library of the RK within the framework of the international corporate interaction cooperates with the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), and from November, 2011 is registered as a member of the OCLC. The Online Computer Library Center is a non-commercial organization servicing libraries of all types. The purpose of the cooperation is the simplification of the process of cataloguing, exchange of records, digitization, joint use of information resources and delivery of documents.

   The libraries that enter the number of members of OCLC jointly create and support WorldCat – the Interactive United Catalogue which is the basis for multiple resources.

   WorldCat is the greatest online bibliographical resource in which information is collected without any restrictions as for types, time periods or languages.

   The National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with OCLC carried out on March 14, 2011 the information seminar, in which there participated the specialists of the national, republican, regional, city libraries, the National book chamber. There with the word of greeting spoke Director-General of the National library of the RK G.K.Balabekova.

   Doctor Rein van Charldorp, the executive director of OCLC and Vivien Cook, specialist of WorldCat the regional manager made the presentations on the activity of OCLC and the world catalogue of WorldCat, the production of OCLC, acquainted the specialists of the libraries and information centers of Kazakhstan with the activity of OCLC and also with the advantages which the Kazakhstani libraries will receive from the cooperation with OCLC.

   At the present time there is carried out work for the provision of the bibliographical records of the National library of the RK. The specialists of the National library of the RK see as the main goal of this cooperation in the possibility to become integrated into the world informational space, to present with dignity Kazakhstan, the own information resources in the world catalogue of WorldCat. The unique depositary of the information includes the ready bibliographical descriptions of very different formats: the book editions, the electronic books, the periodical editions, sound recordings, scores, the cartographic editions, visual materials, computer files. The standard bibliographical record in WorldCat contains the bibliographical description of a document and the list of organizations who are its holders. The libraries-members of OCLC exchange these records, using them for the creation of local catalogues, and also for the organization of the system of interlibrary loan and maintaining reference activity. After being added to the bibliographical data-bank of WorldCat, the records become accessible at the popular search sites, the sites of the partners of OCLC, and also at

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