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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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   On October 26, 2017 there in the Hall after N.Dauletova took place the presentation of the second part of the book “Din men dastur” which was published by the initiative of the Chairman of the Spiritual department of the Moslems of Kazakhstan and Chief mufti Erzhan Kazhy Malgazhyuly.

   The book “Din men dastur” is written with the purpose of revival of the genuine spiritual culture of the Kazakhs, the traditional mazkhab and the Moslem traditions. In it there are given the explanations of such notions like belief in fate, respect of teachers, veneration of religious servants, execution of religious rites. There are considered such values like Motherland, consciounce and honour, respect of parents, unity and agreement, friendship, relationship, respect of seniors and care about younger people, upbringing, manhood, modesty, striving towards good deeds. Great attention is given to good relationships with the relatives, neighbors and friends.
   There is shown in the book that the Shariat mazkhab is in tune with the national essence of the Kazakhs and the religious traditions have the multi-century history.
   The activity was opened by director of National library of the RK Zh.T.Seidumanov.
   The moderator: secretary of the Council of scholars of the SDMK E.A.Ongarov.
   Participants: representatives of intelligentsia of Almaty city and pupils of “The Islamic institute of qualification upgrading of imams of the RK at the Spiritual department of
the Moslems of Kazakhstan”.
   There spoke: Chairman of the Spiritual department of the Moslems of Kazakhstan and Chief mufti Erzhan Kazhy Malgazhyuly, editor of a department of the republican magazine “Baldyrgan” Kul-Kerim Elemes, member of the Writers’ Union of the RK Nurdaulet Akysh, chief editor of the magazine “Akikat” Alim Amankhan, head of “Kazakhstan” radio in Almaty city Bakyt Zhagypar, director of newspaper “Almaty Akshamy” Kali Sarsenbai, pro-rector of Egyptian University “Nur-Mubarak” Shamshaddin Tursynuly and others.
   At the end of the activity there took place the Evening of singing and kyuis named “Heritage of the people.



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