On May 30, 2019 at 11:00 hours there in the hall of world literature too place the poetical evening named “The lyrics of Persian poetry”.


The activity was opened by deputy director of National library of the RK Yussupova A.Kh.

There with the report “The history of development of Persian poetry” spoke the chief sceientific worker of the Institute of literature and art after M.O.Auezov, doctor of science (philology) Khamrayev Alimzhan Telikovich. He noted the contribution of Persian poetry into the world culture and presented the creative activity of the Persian poets: Firdousi, Saadi, Khafiz Shirazi, Rumi and Omar Khayam.

There at the activity with the review of the book exhibition spoke Bakdauletova G.K., the young  specialists of the library read the works of the Persian poets in the Russian and Kazakh languages. Therein the poetical evening also participated the readers and workers of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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