Нурпеисов гл

The exhibition «Gibratty gumyr», dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the national writer of Kazakhstan, publicist, translator and public figure Abidzhamil Karimovich Nurpeisov, was organized in the hall of the Periodicals Service.

Nurpeisov Abidzhamil was born on 10/22/1924 in the Aral district of the Kyzylorda region. He went to the front from school. Since 1943, he has been a member of the CPSU. He graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute (1956). He worked as the editor-in-chief of the «Zhuldyz «magazine (1962-1964), was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR of the 10th convocation. People's Writer of Kazakhstan (1985).

Nurpeisov's first novel «Courland» was published in 1947 and was awarded the Republican Zhambyl Prize. In the following years, novels were published: «The Desired Day» (1957). Essays, critical articles and speeches by A.Nurpeisov were included in his book «Reflection» (1974). In 1983, the novel «Duty» (1983), «Elevating our Shrines» (1996), «The Last Duty» (1999 G.). A.Nurpeisov is also known as a translator. He translated into Kazakh a number of short stories by A.P.Chekhov, M.Gorky, plays by A.Casson, N.Hikmet, etc.

In 1958-1970 . The writer worked on the historical and revolutionary trilogy "Blood and Sweat", which was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1974. The trilogy has become a notable phenomenon not only of Kazakh literature, it has been translated into many languages of the peoples of the USSR and foreign countries. It is read in their own language by the French, Arabs, Germans, Czechs, Romanians, Turks, British, Spaniards. The trilogy was staged on the stage of the Kazakh Drama Theater in 1973. According to this study, «Kazakhfilm» made a film of the same name (1978).

Writers and critics from France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, China, discussing the main works of A.Nurpeisov, agree on one thing: the author of the trilogy «Blood and Sweat», the dilogy «Last Duty» is a major artist, a master, a significant phenomenon in world literature. They note his «charming exoticism», «lyricism, moral didacticism», «psychological strength», «unusual and peculiar creative handwriting», «the gift of a storyteller and the talent of a poet and philosopher», etc.

The bibliography of Nurpeisov's work is huge, it has been written about him in different years. Ch.Aitmatov, M.Karim, S.Baruzdin, Z.Kedrina, M.Karataev, Sh.Eleukenov, A.Kekilbayev, etc.

For his active participation in the preparation and publication of 200 volumes of the World Library, including a detailed preface to Mukhtar Auezov's two-volume book from this series, the writer was awarded a Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

For military merits and creative work, A.Nurpeisov was awarded the Orders of  «Otan» (1994), the Red Star, the Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Peoples, the «Badge of Honor». A.Nurpeisov is a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR, an honorary citizen of Almaty and the Kyzylorda region.

The exhibition from the fund of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents the author's materials, articles by public figures and memoirs of colleagues and friends published on the pages of periodicals.

We invite everyone to the exhibition!