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  1. Balayeva: The Ministry will continue to make a significant contribution to building a Fair Kazakhstan.

Today, at an expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Culture and Information Aida Balayeva announced the department's work plans for 2024.

The event was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of the creative intelligentsia, APK, NGOs, youth organizations and the media.

«During the creation of the ministry, the Head of State set ambitious tasks. This includes ensuring the harmonious development of the state and society, internal ideological and external image potential, confidence of our citizens in the future of the country through the formation of a competitive national identity, the preservation of a unique culture in a global context. In order to fulfill the President's instructions, plans in all areas have been analyzed and adjusted»,- Aida Balayeva said, adding that many new projects and initiatives are planned for the current year.

Comprehensive work is being carried out in all areas.

An important event of this year was the creation of the «Birlik» ensemble, which symbolizes peace and solidarity in Kazakhstan. The issues of restoring the republican status of the «Akzhauyn» ensemble are being worked out.

As part of the work on book publishing, the publication of books and the support of literature will be discussed by the general public and carried out in accordance with the new rules.

In order to directly support the state in publishing new works, young talents, reprinting works that have become masterpieces of national literature, translating them into world languages, discussing topical issues of literature and new trends, a literary club will be established under the Ministry.

 Since this year, the rules for the competitive selection of film projects applying for state support have also changed. The National Film Support Center will accept scripts, the best of them will be selected by an expert council.

 Among the priority topics are topics that meet national interests and ideologies. A new format competition will be announced in the near future.

«For the first time, we are launching the online portal «Culture» in 7 languages. Through the website, we intend to promote our cultural values not only among Kazakhstanis, but also foreign guests. Such projects have long shown their effectiveness in world practice. A large-scale restoration center will be created at the National Museum, the main purpose of which is the preservation and restoration of values reflecting the history of the Kazakh people. Work will continue on the return of historical heritage from far and near abroad in accordance with international law»,- the minister said.

The Kazakh National Electronic Library will be gradually introduced into the libraries of all departments and systems. This year, a pilot project will be launched in 2 regional libraries.

One of the main tasks of the Ministry in 2024 is to strengthen the national route of 12 museum reserves with cultural and spiritual content.

«Information policy is certainly one of the ideological levers. Comprehensive measures are being taken to improve the competitiveness and quality of domestic information content, as well as to ensure information security.

As part of the President's instruction on the revision of media legislation, taking into account the interests of the state, the demands of society and trends in the development of the media sphere, the draft law «On Mass Media» was developed and approved in the first reading of the Mazhilis.

Measures are being taken to combat external information attacks and the spread of destructive ideology. As part of this, administrative responsibility for the distribution of "gray plates" will be introduced and a unified media platform will be created as part of the digitalization of business processes in the media sphere»,- Aida Balayeva said.

If the Law is adopted, the mechanism for distributing state information orders will be transferred to grant financing, work will be carried out on the ratification of border regions, industry journalism will develop, and work will continue to improve the skills of journalists.

Special attention will be paid to the development of children's content, ensuring access to information for people with disabilities

Public councils are one of the dynamically developing platforms that are most in demand among the population. In this regard, a Coordination Center of Public Councils has been established under the Ministry.

In the field of civil society, a Concept for the development of civil society will be developed, and from April 2024, a mechanism for public control and online petitions will be introduced.

On behalf of the Head of State, systematic measures are being taken to develop creative industries, within the framework of which the creation of the corporate fund «Center for Support of Creative Industries» is being worked out, and it is also planned to open creative hubs in the regions.

A draft Concept for the development of state policy in the religious sphere for 2024-2028 has been prepared.

In the field of interethnic harmony, on behalf of the Head of State, for the first time in 2023, the order «El Birligi» was established, as well as awards «For the best works and works in the field of culture and art» and «For the best works in the field of literature and journalism».

The report «Formation of a nation in Kazakhstan: current state, processes and trends» has been prepared.

«Our ministry will continue to make a significant contribution to building a Just Kazakhstan, to work on the implementation of large-scale programs and initiatives of the President»,- the Minister concluded.

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