11сOn September 26 there in the hall of National library of the RK took place the presentation of the photo-book “Ak pen kara” dedicated to the 85-th birthday of tone of the founders of the Kazakhstani photo-journalistics, the well-known photo-journalist Sailau Pernebayev and the opening of the jubilee personal creative photo-exhibition.

The moderator of the activity was the first deputy chairman of the board of the Wrtiters’ Union of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Kuantaiuly.

The jubilee activity was opened by the author’s kyui of Talap Karash “Kyuzembaidyn kokpary”.

There at the presentation the author-compiler of the photo-book, the pupil of Sailau Pernebayev Asylkhan Abdrayimuly made the report by the theme “Sailau Pernebayev - 85”.

There at the activity spoke Zeinep Akhmetova, Kaligumar Kabdeshuly, Nurmanbet Kizatuly, Apriza Aitbaikyzy, Amirkhan Mendeke, Rysbek Sarsenbaiuly, Beisenbai Suleimenov and others shared their recollections about the hero and stopped at the photo-book “Ak pen kara”.

There in the presentation participated the creative intelligentsia, writers, photographers, students, mass-media representatives.

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