тюркThere in the reading hall after O. Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» within the framework of the Year of development of the Turkic civilization is organized the book exhibition «Tyurki orkeniyety tarikh betterinde».

The year 2023 there at the summit of the Organization of the Turkic states is declared the Year of development of the Turkic civilization.

The Turkic world during the long period of history was the unique place, where there were born and developed the mightiest cultures and civilizations, which exerted the greatest influence and impact upon the course and development of the world history, culture and civilization.  

The tendencies of development of the modern Turkic civilization is stipulated by its complex character. First of all, Turkology, which flourished within the framework of linguistics, is gradually replenished by the researches in the history, ethnography, culture, literature, folklore of the Turkic peoples and also by the rare  but significant data from such scientific trends like philosophy, theology and cognizance of the world. There with each day grows the importance of the whole consideration of the history of Turkology. First of all, it gives the possibility to study the goals and tasks of the subject in accordance with the modern requirements, considering the periods of establishment and the tendencies of development, summarizing the results and achievements of the science.

The purpose of the exhibition is the popularization and the propagation of the giant history, which deserves the admiration of the great ancestors and the advancement of the incomparable wealth of the Turkic world, and also the nearing and consolidation of the Turkic peoples. Without the studying of the past and the present of the Turkic world it is impossible to see the future of the science, in particular to establish the concrete goals and tasks for the prospects of development of the Turkic civilization.

The book exhibition «Tyurki orkeniyety tarikh betterinde» reflects the materials, which disclose the development of the Turkic linguistics, the history of the rites and the appearance of the Turkic peoples, the scientific editions from the private collections of the well-known figures and Turkic-study specialists. The exhibition will be of interest for the scientists, researchers-Turkic study specialists and also for the wide circle of readers.

         We invite everybody to the book exhibition!