There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Azattyktyn algashky saldary», dedicated to the 300-th anniversary of the Kazakh batyr, biy and orator, the head of the national movement of the Kazakhs of the Lesser clan Syrym Datuly.

Syrym Datuly was born in 1723 on the territory of the modern Syrymskiy district of the Western-Kazakhstani region. He was the doyen of the Kazakh clan Baiuly, the leader of the national anti-feudal and the anti-colonial movement of the Kazakhs of the Lesser Horde in 1783-1797.

Syrym Datuly is the participant of the Pugachev insurrection of 1773-1775. There is preserved the report of the count Alexander Suvorov to P.I. Panin dated June 22, 1775 in which he tells about S. Datuly as one of the most active participants of the insurrection. Batyr Syrym was from the clan Baibakty of the tribe Baiuly of the Lesser clan. He was the trusted person of Nuraly khan till the beginning of the insurrection.

The movement of batyr Syrym Datuly left the noticeable trace in the Kazakh musical-singing culture. There is well-known the kyui  «Syrym sazy» (The thoughts of Syrym). In the memory of the people he remained as the defender from the invasions of the Uralsk Cossacks and the fighter for the interests of the people.     

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint the readers with not only the skillful warrior, but also with the diplomat and politician, and also to form the patriotic feelings of the youth and respect to the historical past of the Kazakh people.

There at the book exhibition “Azattyktyn algashky saldary” are presented the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference editions, the historical books, fiction about the great batyr and his insurrection: “Batyr Srym”, “Syrym Datuly (1742-1802)”, “Kazak khalkynyn tarikhi tulgalary”, “Impram, worthy of the khans… Our contemporaries”, “Kishy zhyuzdyn biylery men batyrlary” and others.  

In modern Kazakhstan the name of Syrym Datuly has the meaning of the leader of the national-liberating movement. In 2000 there in Uralsk city there was established the monument for him. There in the place where according to the legends was born the national-liberating movement – in the Syrym district of the Western-Kazakhstani region, which the people called Syrym-tobe, in 2007 was built the memorial complex of Syrym Datuly.

            We invite you to the book exhibition!