On February 6, 2020 at 11.00 a.m. in the reading hall "Kazakstan kitapaty" of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held a solemn opening of the Scientific Center of Al-Farabi on the occasion of the 1150th anniversary of the outstanding scientist and brilliant thinker Abu Nasr Al-Farabi.


The full name of the scientist is Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tarhan ibn Uzlag al-Farabiat-Turki. He was born in 870 on the right bank of the Syr Darya River in Otrar, Shymkent region (now Turkestan region). He was fluent in about 70 languages. He translated into Arabic the works of Plato, Aristotle. His works had an impact on formation of outlook of eastern thinkers (Ibn-Sina, Ibn Rushd, Ibn-Khaldun, Nizami, Navoi, etc), on development of progressive philosophical thought in Europe (Leonardo da Vinci, F.Bacon, H.Galileo, R.Descartes, B.Spinoza, etc), where he was known by Latinized name of Alpharabius. Al-Farabi's teachings also influenced the subsequent development of scientific thought of the peoples of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus.

Al-Farabi left a rich scientific heritage; he wrote about 160 treatises. More than 80 works of the thinker, written and translated into different languages: Kazakh, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Latin, English, German, French, Uzbek, etc., have reached us. Among them are: "On the Power of the Soul," "Mind and Concept," "Word on Substance," "Essence of Questions," "Book on Laws," "Book on the Constancy of the Motion of the Universe," "On the Meaning of Mind," "Book on the Mind of the Young," "Great Abridged Book of Logic," "Book of Introduction to Logic." "A Book of Proof," "A Book on the Conditions of the Syllogism," "A Treatise on the Essence of the Soul," "A Word on Dreams," "A Treatise on the Views of the Residents of a Virtuous City," "A Book on the Definition and Classification of the Sciences," "A Book on the Meaning of Philosophy" and much more.

There is almost no branch of knowledge in which he did not leave profound judgments, apt observations, and ingenious speculations. He elevated Arabic Aristotelianism to a definite philosophical system, so all the scientists of the East, beginning with Avicenna, called him their Teacher, he was nicknamed the "Second Teacher" after Aristotle even during his lifetime.

Al-Farabi as no other combined the gift of a poet and naturalist, mathematician, physician, philosopher and musician, he was the first to categorize science and give the foundations of modern musical culture.

Al-Farabi's works can be found in the world's largest libraries. Numerous studies by both local and foreign scholars have been devoted to the thinker's works. The beginning of the study of al-Farabi's heritage was initiated by German researcher F. Dieterici.

Al-Farabi Scientific Center in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a permanent open-access exhibition of Al-Farabi's works and publications about him from the collection of the National Library of Kazakhstan: materials about his life and works, works of the philosopher and translations of his works in different languages of the world, studies of famous domestic and foreign scientists, philosophers, historians, electronic publications, database of documents from periodicals, collections of works. The Center's collection will be constantly updated with new publications and materials.   

Al-Farabi Scientific Center in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan will create an opportunity for familiarization and in-depth study of the legacy of the scientific works of the thinker and holding mass events for all comers. The Center will also create conditions for the organization of meetings with famous scientists-farabiologists, academicians, holding thematic competitions, excursions, screenings of films about al-Farabi and much more. 

The center was opened with the support of the founders of the private enterprise "Company Agro-Prom Bastau" LLP Sarynov Arman Erkebulanovich and Kydykov Bakhyt Maratovich.

Famous scientists, writers, state and public figures, representatives of Almaty akimat, teachers and students of universities, businessmen, representatives of mass media and others are invited to the opening of the Al-Farabi Scientific Center.

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