There in the hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition named “75 years to the legendary “King of fright” Steven King”.

Steven King is the American writer known all over the whole world who works in the different genres, like horrors, thrillers, fantastics, mystics, drama, detectives. He was born on Septmber 21, 1947 in the city of Portland, the state of Man, USA. King grew like the usual child, he passionately loved reading books and comics. When he was 7 years old, he wrote the story about the adventures of Keisey. There in 1967 there came the time of the first professional publication – the detective story of King - “The glass floor”. By that time Steve had already finished the school and entered the University in the state of Man in the city of Orono, where he studied the English language and rhetorics.

Steven King is one of the first authors, who made the world flutter in horror before the horrible heroes and the nightmarish events. The first serious novel “Kerry” shocked all America. Such books like “It”, “Shining”, “The green mile” and others became the cult for the supporters of the horror genre. Steven King published the great quantity of books: 60 novels, including the seven under the pseudonym “Richard Bakhman” and 5 scientific-popular books, 200 stories, most of which were gathered into nine author’s collections. The writer Steven King is one of the most screened authors in the history of cinema and literature. In 1998 Steven King became the scenario writer of one of the most popular serials of those times – of the project “The secret materials” in which their star roles were played by Jillian Anderson and David Dukhovny. There altogether from 1976 were screened 61 films, 16 mini-serials and 7 serials. Among them: “The green mile” (1999), “The escape from Shoushenk” (1994) and others. 

There for his creative activity King received the Prize of Bram Stoker (2014), the award of the British society of fantasy. His story “The man in the black suit” (1995) received the prize of O. Henry. In 2003 the National foundation of books awarded him with the medal for the outstanding contribution to American literature. He also received awards for the contribution to literature during the whole of his career, such prizes like – “For the contribution into world Fantasy” (2004), was awarded by the Canadian association of the book traders (2007) and the title of Great Master from the American writers of mystics (2007). In 2014 awarded with the National medal of the USA in the sphere of arts with the formulation “for the combination of thrilling histories with the analysis of human nature”.

Out of the fond of National library of the RK there are presented the works of the author and the literature about him in the Russian and English languages: “11/12/63”, “Mister Mercedes”, “The Green Mile”, “The alien”, “The cemetery of home animals”, “The dark tower”, “Misery”, “The dead zone”, “The langoliers”, “The talisman” and others.

We invite everybody to visit the book exhibition!