There in the hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Syr suleiy», dedicated to the 140-th birthday of the well-known Kazakh poet, translator Turmagambet Iztleuov.

Turmagambet Iztleuov was born on July 9, 1882 in the Karmakshinskiy district of the Kzylordinskaya region. He studied at the village school, after that in the madrasah Miri Arab (1896-1899) in Bukhara and in the madrasah Kukeldash (Tashkent 1899-1905), where he learned the Arabian, Persian and Turkish languages.

I9n 1905 he returned to the native village, founded the mosque and built the school. He taught the children the languages, poetry up to 1921. Already then the pupils were fond of the verses of his first collection «Nazym». In 1905-1925 he worked as a school teacher, in 1936-1937 – as a scientific worker in the Commissariat of people’s enlightenment of the KazSSR. He was arrested and repressed in 1937 and in two years time he perished in the walls of the NKVD.    

The book exhibition «Syr Suleiy» reflects the materials about the life and creative activity of T.Iztleuov: the encyclopedias, biographical reference editions. After that the exhibition acquaints the reader with the works of the figure. His first fable «The black beetle» rote when he was fourteen years old. When he was 18 years old, he wrote his first poem «The peasant Mardi». The considerable part of the works of the poet consists of the rubayi, the lyrical verses, aphorisms, fables, improvisations. In 1934 he participated in the 1-st republican competition of folk talents.

Turmagambet is the author of ten poems, such as: «The wisest old man», «The captive girl», «Raua banu» and others. To him belongs the translation into the Kazakh language of the poem of Firdousi «Shakhname» (40 thousand lines), part of which «Rustem – Dastan» (24 thousand lines) was published in 1961 as a separate book. The works of T. Iztleuov entered the collections: «Ush gasyr zhyrlaidy» (1965), «Bes gasyr zhyrlaidy» (1985), «Kasiyetty Karmakshym» (2003), «Gasyrlar tolkyny» (2004). The researcher M. Baidildayev collected the works of T. Iztleuov and published them in 1972 and 1982 under the title «Nazym». The purpose of the book exhibition is to unilaterally popularize the works of the poet and the translator, acquaint the readers with the literary heritage of Turmagambet Iztleuov.  

In 1981 for the centenary of the poet there at the All-Union gramophone recording studio «Melodiya» was produced the album «T. Iztleuov (1882-1939)» with the recording of his poem «Raua banu» and the best works. On November 2, 2007 for the 125-th birthday of the repressed poet there in Almaty city at the crossing of Nauryzbai batyr and Kabanbai batyr streets there was established the bronze monument. There in 2009 about Turmagambet Iztleuov came out the documentary film «Turmagambet» at the cinema studio «Kazakhfilm».

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!