On October 1 at 11:00 hours there in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the book named “Til zhane tulga” organized by the National scientific academy of the RK and the Institute of linguistics after A. Baitursynuly of the academician of the NAS, doctor of science (philology), professor Karimbek Kurmanaliyev, timed for the 75-th anniversary of the linguistic institute.

The activity was opened by the librarian from the Service of exhibitions and cultural programmes Karabayev Kurmet, after that the activity was carried on by the director of the Institute of linguistics after A. Baitursynuly Fazylzhanova Anar Muratkyzy.

The people who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony: Kali Sarsenbai, Zeinep Bazarbayeva, Zhamal Mankeyeva.

The scientific portraits were made within the framework of the one activity by the academicians of the National scientific academy – the scientists who made contributions to the science of the Kazakh language: the representatives I. Kenesbayev, M. Balakayev, G.Musabayev, A.Yskakov, A. Kaidarov, Sh. Sarybayev, R. Syzdykova, O. Aitbayev and other linguistic scientists developing this sphere, there are articles about their scientific activity and their works.

There were also touched their work. The guests who spoke at the activity: Fazylzhanova, Z. Bazarbayeva, Zh. Mankeyeva, Sarsenbai Kali, A. Salkynbai, Zh. Baltabayeva, T. Ermekova, Zh. Suleimenova, A. Saparbayev, Kapalbek Bizhomart, Bakyt Kalymbetuly and other young scientists expressed their thoughts. The new book was donated to the fond of the National library of the RK and was also distributed among the participants

There participated in the activity the members of the National Academy of sciences, the respectable community and mass-media.           

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