From September 21 to October 30, employees of the RSU "Central state archive" of the ISS of the Republic of Kazakhstan were trained In the school of conservation and restoration of written documents of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Specialists of the Central state archive have mastered modern methods and technologies for preserving the documentary heritage. The trainees started their training with the laboratory of scientific document conservation: monitoring the temperature and relative humidity of storage rooms. they were told about the need and importance of monitoring compliance with the storage modes of paper documents: temperature and humidity, light and sanitarcondtionsy; theoretical knowledge on document preservation was given and practical methods on biological stabilization were demonstrated: office disinfection, cleaning of sheets, treatment with biocide; on physical and chemical stabilization: pH determination, acidity neutralization, cleaning from contamination with various substances, cementation of sheets, blocking of heavy metal ions, etc.; the latest technologies in the field of document preservation were described: pH tester pen, Bookkipper spray, etc.

Then the specialists trained in the restoration and bookbinding sector of the restoration, conservation and binding Service, where they mastered the knowledge and skills in the restoration and binding of books: preparation of glue, restoration of sheets by various methods, repair of binding walls, etc. During the practical work, the specialists were introduced to various types of restoration materials, tools, and devices. D.B. Gabdullin, head of the restoration Department of the Central state archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan, noted the need to train specialists at the School and expressed the desire for mutual cooperation in the future.

Director of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.K. Ospanova presented the trainees with the certificate of completion of the course on preservation and restoration of documents.

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