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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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   On September 13-14, 2018 there in Almaty city within the framework of the celebration of the 20-th anniversary of Astana city will take place the All-Kazakhstan Congress of librarians “The library as a multi-functional, multi-level socio-cultural institution of society"

   The  All-Kazakhstani Congress of librarians is a professional dialogue of the workers of the republican, regional universal, scientific, district, rural, higher educational establishments’ and school libraries on the problems of librarianship in the country, the discussion of the role of the libraries in the formation of the quality human capital; the analysis of legislative provision of accessibility of information to the citizens of Kazakhstan; the exchange of opinions on the issue of interaction and unification of the Kazakhstani library resources; the rendering of assistance in the harmonization of the inter-national standards and indicators, that measure the quality of  the work of the libraries and other issues.   
   There within the framework of the Congress will take place the seminar-trainings “The basics” of the state cultural policy in the practice of work of the Kazakhstani libraries”, “The formation of the library traditional and digital resources”, “The library in the modern world: traditions and innovations”, “Conservation and restoration of written documents”,
the master-classes and practical studies from the leading foreign specialists of the library branch etc.
   There is planned the carrying out of the panel on the format of the inline-meeting with the library community of Astana and the Akmola region dedicated to the 20th jubilee and the development of librarianship business in the  capital of Kazakhstan.
   There by the results of the forum will be published the informational-illustrated album of the All-Kazakhstani Congress of librarians and the video-film.

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