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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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   There in the reading hall of the Service of world literature is organized the book exhibition dedicated to the 200-th birthday of the English writer and poetess Emily Bronte.

   Emily Jane Bronte is an English writer and poetess, the author of the novel “Wuthering Heights” and also of a number of verses. She was born in Thornton (Yorkshire) on July 30, 1818. Emily was the fifth child in the family. Her mother died when Emily was three years old. Most of her life she spent in the village of Howert in West Yorkshire. For some time she studied with her elder sisters in the charitable School in Kowan-Bridge. After the return back to Howert, the novelist never left the lovely village.
   The talent for writing was discovered in the girl in her childhood. After learning to read and to write, Emily Bronte started to writer down short stories and verses. Especially close Emily was with her younger sister Anne: together the girls invented the magical world of Gondal and wrote verses about it.
   In 1846 there saw the light the collection named “The verses of the Karrera, Ellis and Ekton Bells”. The verse of Emily “Elissa” was liked by the readers. The critics noticed the collection  and responded with praising reviews. The verses “The recollection” and “The captive” brought fame to the poetess.
   After a year she published the novel “Wuthering Heights” about two families from Yorkshire – the Lintons and the Ernshaws. During the life Emily the readers’ attitude towards the creation was cool, but after her death the sister Charlotte published “Wuthering Heights” the second time. This time the readers saw the sinister secrets and the formidable romanticism of the work. The novel was perceived as a masterpiece.
   In 1992 the cinema studio “Paramount” screened the novel of Emily Bronte, the melodrama “Wuthering Heights”. The last screening of “Wuthering Heights” is dated by the year 2011.
   Emily Bronte  died in December, 1849. The sisters and the brother are buried in the family shrine in Howert.
There at the book exhibition are presented the works of the author from the fond of the National library of the RK.

   We invite everybody to the exhibition!

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