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   There in the reading hall of the Service of world literature is organized the book exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the English writer and public figure James Aldridge.

   James Aldridge is one of the most interesting and large writers of England, who continued the best traditions of English critical realism. The topicality of the creative activity of Aldridge, the wide thematic, the different life experience are intertwined with his ability to create the truthful, full-blood characters that one remembers at once. The language of his works is terse and expressively simple.
   James Aldridge was born on July 10, 1918 in Australian White-Hill city. He received his education in the Melbourne commercial college, after that in the London university. After graduating from the university he lived in England from 1938. During the Second world war he was a journalist and a military correspondent, and his impressions found reflection in his works “The song about the Caucasus”, “A matter of honour”, “The sea eagle”, “About many people”. His early novels “A matter of honour” and “The sea eagle” were written under the impression from the creative activity of Ernest Hemingway.
   One of the most successful and widely known novels of the writer was “The diplomat” published in 1949. There in the book is in detail and interestingly shown the work of the Soviet and English diplomats, how the political decisions are taken at the highest level. The book received different opinions of the critics.
   In 1974 he published the book “The mountains and the weapons” which is the continuation of the novel “The diplomat”.
   The novel “The hunter” written in 1949 became the result of the author’s attempt to mix  different genres and trends in literature. The drama narrates about the Canadian hunters after furs, about their difficulties in life and the vississitudes of fate which happen around hunting on the shores of Ontario lake. The writer lived for a long time in Cairo, to which he dedicated
the book “Cairo. The biography of the city”.
   His works were screened. In 1958 there in the USSR was shot the film “The last inch” by director Theodor Wulfowich. In 1975 there on the USA was shot the film “Ride the wild pony” by the English director Don Cheffy. In 1990 director John Beery with the assistance of the USA and the USSR shot the film “The captive of the Earth”.
   In 1971 he became a member of the jury of the Seventh Moscow international cinema festival. In 1972 he became the winner of the International Lenin prize “For strengthening peace between the peoples”. That same year he was awarded with the Holden medal of the International organization of journalists.
   He died in London on February 23, 2015 aged 96.
   There at the book exhibition from the fond of National library of the RK are presented
the works of the author of different years of publication in the Kazakh, Russian and other languages of the world.

   We invite everybody to visit our exhibition

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