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                                                                           The Kazakh books

   The collection of Kazak print editions constitutes a valuable part of the fond of the National library and pertains to the book monuments of the RK. This is the Kazakh book in Arabic and Latin script. In the course of a little more than a decade (1929-1940) there in Kazakhstan was acrried out twice the reform of written lietarture, the trasfer from Arabic script into the Latin one (before 1929), then from the Latin script (1929-1940) to the Cyrillics.

   The fond of Kazakh book in Arabic script has more than 1500 titles (1841-1932), the fond of Kazakh book in Latin script – approximately 3500 titles (1926-1941).

   The Kazakh book is represented with the works of Chokan Ualikhanov (1835-1865), Ibrai Altynsarin (1841-1889), Abai Kunanbayev (1845-1904), Akhmet Baitursynov (1873-1937) that gained world-wide acknowledgement.

   Among the Kazakh books in Arabic script there are books which untill recently have been little known for the reader. These are the books that represent the Moslem world-outlook of the writers of the end of the XIX-th – beginning of the XX-th centuries: Mashkhur-Zhusup Kopeyev, Gumar Karash, Shadi-tore bin Zhikhanger, Kashaf-ud—din Shakhmardan, Shaikhislam ugly Zhusupbek.

   There in the collection are presented the works of the prominent figures and writers of Kazakhstan M.Dulatov, M.Zhumabayev, Zh.Aimauytov, Kh.Dosmukhamedov, I.Zhansugurov, B.Mailin, T.Ryskulov, S.Seifullin, Sh.Kudaiberdiyev and many others.
The collection of Kazakh books in Latin script is rich with the first editions of the classics of Kazakh literature: Saken Seifullin, Beimbet Mailin, Iliyas Zhansugurov, Mukhtar Auezov, whose novel-epopee “The way of Abai” received world-wide acknowledgemen, Sabit Mukanov, Zhambyl Zhabayev, Gabit Musrepov, Tayir Zharokov, Abdizhamil Nurpeyisov, Abdilda Tazhibayev and also the well-known public figures and scientists Zh.Saduakasov, A.Lekerov, M.Akynzhanov, S.Amanzholov and others.

   There within the framework of implementation of the state programme of the RK “The cultural heritage” (2005-2007) there was considerably replenished the fond of Kazakh book in Arabic script, previously lacking within the fonds of the NLRK.

                                                                            The Kazakh newspapers

   The collection of Kazakh newspapers numbers 1234 folds. These newspapers are the national written heritage of Kazakhstan as the first Kazakh periodical editions. By the time of publication these editions are divided into prerevolutionary and postrevolutionary, they were issued in the Kazakh language in Arabic and Latin scripts, Russian language. To the prerevolutionary belong “The Turkestani vedomosti” (Tashkent 1872-1879, 1888-1906), “The Semipalatinsk regional vedomosti” (Verny, 1884-1889, 1893), “The Turgai regional vedomosti” (Orenburg, 1901, 1903 etc.),“Our newspaper” (Tashkent, 1918). The newspapers were issued in the cities of Semipalatinsk, Aktyubinsk, Orenburg, Uralsk, Alma-Ata, Kzyl-Orda: “Zhana aul” (Semei, 1930-1933), “Kedei” (Aktobe, 1925-1929),“Kazak adebiety” (Alma-Ata, 1934-1945), “Kazak tili” (Semei, 1923-1928), “Kyzyl-Tu” (Oral, 1926-1929), “Leninshyl Zhol” (Kzyl-Orda, 1927-1945), “Pioner” (1930-1937), “Tilshy” (Alma-Ata, 1922-1929), “Kazakhstankaya pravda” (1932-1945), “Leninskaya smena” (1929-1940).

   The public-political newspaper “Kazakh” (1913-1918) was the organizer of the political work of the progressive national intelligentsia, the result of which was the elaboration of the tactics and strategy of foght for independence. In the period of the national revolt in 1916 it objectively highlighted the whole process and called the people to unity and strengthening of the ranks. The newspaper had party orientation. The newspaper was published by the pleiade of talented Kazakh journalists and writers: Zh.Aimautov, A.Bukeikhanov (chief editor), Kh.Dosmukhamedov, M.Dulatov, M.Zhumabayev. The national party “Alash Orda” formed under the influence of the ideas of the newspaper “Kazakh”. It was published in Orenburg and achieved a good circulation for those times – 3 000 copies and in 1914 – 8 000 copies.

   The newspaper “Enbekshi Kazak” (1919-1932) that underwent many renamings and published till our days (Socialistyk Kazakhstan, 1932-1945, Egemen Kazakstan) put as its main task to inform the masses about the main political, economic and social problems and events in the country and abroad. There in the publication of the newspaper actively participated the well-known literary figures B.Mailin, S.Seifullin, M.Seralin. by the pages of this newspaper there is prepared the multimedia edition “The chronicles of Kazakhstan from 1913 to 1932 in the Kazakh newspapers (in Arabic script)”.

                                                                            The Russian newspapers

   The collection of Russian newspapers in the fond of rare books and manuscripts is represented with newspapers, which are divided into the prerevolutionary and postrevolutionary editions. To the prerevolutionary belong “The Moscow vedomosti” (1786, 1798, 1801-1802 etc.), “The agricultural newspaper” (St.-Petersburg, 1834, 1836-1837), the military newspaper “The Russian invalid” (St.-Petersburg, 1874, 1878, 1895 etc.), “The Oriental review” (Irkutsk, 1891), “Altai” (Biysk, 1915).

   To the postrevolutionary belong the newspaper “Pravda” (1919-1925), the incomplete complements of the newspapers “The stock-exchange vedomosti”, “The Petrograd leaflet”, “Vecherneye vremya”, “The little newspaper” (St.-Petersburg, 1917), “The soldier’s word”, “The voice”.

                                                                           The Kazakh magazines

   The collection of Kazakh magazines includes the magazines “Aikap”, “Abai” (Semei, 1918), “Sadak”, “Shura” (Orenburg, 1908-1916), “Sholpan” (Tashkent, 1922-1923), “Zhas Kazak” (Orenburg, 1923-1924), “Tan” (Semei, 1925), “Adebiyet maidany” (Alma-Aty, 1932-1936) etc.
“Aikap” (Troyitsk, 1911) is the first Kazakh socio-political and literary magazine and was the organ of progressive Kazakh intelligentsia. The editor was M.Seralin, the prominent Kazakh public figure and poet.

   The magazine “Sadak”, the manuscript magazine of the Kazakh pupils of the madrasah un Ufa city was published in 1916 by the future prominent writer B.Mailin and Zh.Tlepbergenov. the well-known short novel of B.Mailin “Shuganyn belgisy” saw the light in this magazine.
There is also the print magazine of the same name “Saadak” that was published in Alma-Ata in the Tartar language in 1917-1918.

                                                                            The Russian magazines

   The periodical editions of the XVII-th – beginning of the XX-th cc.. that were published on the territory of the Russian empire are part of the department of rare books and manuscripts. To the most complete complements of the Russian periodicals there belong “The St.-Petersburg vedomosti” (1769, 1773 etc.), “The herald of Europe” (1802-1803, 1812-1815), “The works and translations” (1755-1762), “The ethnographic review” (1891-1915), “The technological journal” (1804-1812).

   The collection of satirical magazines includes the magazines “The alarm clock” (St.-Petersburg, 1868-1869 etc.), “Verbnyi bazar” (St.-Petersburg, 1906), and the magzine “Raven” published in 1906 which is a bibliographical rarity. There are magazines in culture and art: “Library” (1793, 1837 etc.), “The readings in the Imperial society on Russian history and antiquities at the Moscow university” (1847-1848), “The artistic treasures of Russia” (1901-1904).


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