The calendar of jubilees of institutions, organizations and prominent figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2012/ The National library of the RK; compiler D.A.Kystaubayeva.- Almaty, 2011.- 110 p.

   The calendar includes the jubilees of the national cultural events of the republic, separate establishments, organizations and prominent figures of science and art, the jubilee dates of the Kazakhstanis – the Heroes of the Soviet Union, and also the holidays, the professional holidays of the RK. The calendar is systematized by months and will render assistance to the workers of libraries, museums, archives and other establishments while carrying out mass activities, organizing book exhibitions, in the execution of bibliographical informations etc. Separately is grouped “The list of figures and institutions, whose birthdays are not established”. To the jubilee dates marked by the asterisk (*) there is appended brief information and list if literature. In the lists of literature there is recommended  mainly the new literature including books, articles from the republican press.

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