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There in the reading hall of the periodical editions is organized the exhibition “Kazakhstannyn akparat kenistigy

The important place in the history of mankind on the whole is occupied by the press, it is the inseparable part of the cultural life of the people. The historical place of the periodical editions in the informational space began at the end of the XIX-th century and it continues up to our day. The exhibition consists of the following parts:

The division: “Kazak baspasozinyn kalyptasuy men damu tarikhy”

The appearance of the first newspapers and magazines of the Kazakh periodical press “Turkistan ualayatynyn gazety” (1870-1882), “Dala ualayatynyn gazety” (1888-1902), “Kazak” (1913-1918) and the magazine “Aikap” (1911-1915) became the symbol of development of the national press.

The division: “ABAI” zhurbalyna – 105 zhyl

The magazine “Abai” is the first edition, dedicated to the popularization of the name of Abai in the consciousness of the generations. In the very first number of the magazine Zhusipbek Aimautov wrote: “Abai is not only the great poet of the Kazakh people, he is the philosopher-humanist, the founder of the modern Kazakh written literature, the composer, the enlightener, who called the Kazakhs to knowledge and education…”.

In 1918 in Semipalatinsk the magazine “Abai” was published by Zhyusipbek Aimauytov and Mukhtar Auezov. There saw the light the 11 numbers, after which the magazine was not published. The magazine propagated the works of Abai, raised the urgent issues of culture and literature, art and history. There were published the articles about the public and spiritual life, about science and philosophy, the social problems. It started being published again from 1992. The magazine propagates the literary heritage of Abai and the national culture. The chief editor of the magazine is the journalist, poet, Abai-study expert Muratbek Ospanov.      

The division: “PROSTOR” zhurnalyna – 90 zhyl

Prostor” – the oldest literary-artistic and public-political magazine of Kazakhstan in the Russian language, it is the print organ of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, published from 1933.

The predecessors: “Kazakhstan” (1933), “The Soviet literature of Kazakhstan” (1934), “The literary Kazakhstan” (1935-1939), “Literature and art of Kazakhstan” (1939-1941), the almanac “Kazakhstan” (1946-1953), “Soviet Kazakhstan” (1953-1959), from 1960 - “Prostor”. It publishes the critical, publicistic, artistic works of the writers of Kazakhstan, the essays, bibliography, memoirs.

The chief editors: 1961-1963 – Snegin Dmitriy Feodorovich, 1963-1974 – Shukhov Ivan Petrovich, 1985-1992 – Tolmachev Gennadiy Ivanovich, 1992-1996 – Petrov Rostislav Viktorovich, 2003-2016 – Mikhailov Valeriy Feodorovich, at the present time – Bakbergenov Kairat Saurbekovich.

There on the pages of “Prostor” dor the first time were published the verses of the prohibited in different time Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetayeva, Osip Mandelshtam, the unknown works of Platonov and Pasternak, there appeared the first materials in Bulgakov study.

The number of copies of the magazine in the Soviet years exceeded 50 thousand copies. At the end of the 1980-s due to the publication of the novel of V.D. Uspenskiy “The secret councilor of the leader” the quantity of the magazine grew to 160 thousand copies. At the present time the number of copies is 2000 copies.

There at the exhibition are presented the materials, that popularize reading and address to literature, auricles from the magazines “Abai”, “Prostor” and other periodical editions of different years from the fond of National library.      

            We invite everybody to the exhibition!