There in the hall for scientific workers after U.M. Sultangazin of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Ulttyk khirurgiyanyn alyby», dedicated to the 90-th birthday of the Kazakhstani surgeon, doctor of science (medicine), People’s Hero of Kazakhstan Aliyev Mukhtar Aliyevich.

Aliyev Mukhtar was born on February 2, 1933 at the station of Tyumen-Aryk of the Yanykurganskiy district of the Kyzylordinskaya region. In 1950 he finished the Turkestanskiy pedagogical school.

He began his labour activity as the teacher of the seven-year school of the village Timur of the Shaulderskiy district of the Turkestankaya region (1950-1951). In 1951-1957 he studied at the Almatinskiy state medical institute. In 1957-1958 – the chief doctor and surgeon of the district hospital of the village Timur. In 1958-1960 – resident physician of the chair of the Almatinskiy medical institute. In 1960-1961 – the doctor-surgeon of the Republican clinical hospital. In 1961-1963 – the scientific worker of the Kazakh scientific-research institute of oncology and radiology. In 1963-1969 – the post-graduate student, assistant at the chair of the Almatinskiy medical institute. In 1969-1976 – assistant professor, head of the chair at the Almatinskiy medical institute. In 1980-1982 – chief surgeon of the Ministry of health care of the Kazakh SSR. In 1980-1985 – director of the Scientific-research institute of clinical and experimental surgery. In 1982-1987 – minister of health care of the Kazakh SSR. In 1992 was one of the founders of the Kazakhstani-Russian medical university. In 1995 he founded the Academy of medical sciences of Kazakhstan and became its first president.

Mukhtar Aliyev made a considerable contribution into the development of medicine of Kazakhstan in the sphere of  thoracic, abdominal, cardiac-vascular, endoscopic surgery, micro-surgery and transplantation. For the huge contribution into medicine was awarded with many medals and orders: the medal «Veteran of labour» (1987), the Honorary colonel of the state Kentucky (the USA) (1988), member of the International association of surgeons (1988), the order «Otan» (1995), the People’s Hero of Kazakhstan (1995), member of the New-York academy of sciences (1996), the medal «For merits into development of science of the RK» (2001), the golden medal «The 500 founders of the XXI-st century» (Cambridge, England, 2001), the medal «For strategic management» (France, 2002), the winner of the international prize «Profession – Life» (2004), the winner of the prize «The platinum Tarlan» (2005), twice the winner of the State prize of the RK, the Honorary citizen of the cities Almaty and Baltimore (the USA). There in the Shymkentskaya and Aktyubinskaya state medical academies is established the stipend after M. Aliyev. After him are named the streets and the Zhetysaiskoye medical school. 

The book exhibition «Ulttyk khirurgiyanyn alyby» reflects the materials about the life and activity of M. Aliyev: the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference books and literature about him. Under the leadership of M. Aliyev there were defended 70 doctoral, 83 candidate dissertations. He is the author of multiple books: «The plastics of arteries during combined ray lesions» (1979), «The diagnostic and operative thorascopy» (1988), «The diagnostics and treatment of damages of the esophagus» (1991), «The immunity in surgery of the ulcer disease» (1991), «The adequacy of general anesthetics» (1992), «The immunity in the surgery of the ulcer disease» (1991), «The clinical microsurgery» (1994), «The reference book of the surgeon» (1997), «The guide in surgery» (1997).

The purpose of the book exhibition is the acquaintance with the life and activity of the great Kazakhstani surgeon M. Aliyev, and also the attraction of the attention of the readers to the well-known figure. 

            We invite everybody to the book exhibition!