There in the reading-hall of the periodical editions within the framework of the announced by the Organization of the Turkic states “The year 2023 – the Year of development of the Turkic civilization” is organized the exhibition “The past and the present of the Turkic peoples”.

Kazakhstan is an inseparable part of the Turkic history. The Turkic world has the great history, which deserves admiration, the great ancestors and the incomparable wealth.

The history of the Turkic peoples testifies that the main peculiarity of the Turkic civilization is the highest ability for the creation of the integrational communities which touch upon not only the state formations but also the ethnical-genetic, political, legal, philosophical, cultural and other ones.

The great significance in the formation of the Turkic peoples and the formation of the commonality of their consciousness was played by the first state formations on the territory of the Central Asia. Kazakhstan became the real conductor of the cultural and spiritual nearing of the brotherly peoples to each other.

There upon the historical arena along with Turkey appeared the new independent states  of the Turkic world – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The year 2023 in the Organization of the Turkic states is announced the Year of development of the Turkic civilization.

There at the exhibition are presented the materials about the establishment and the ways of development of the Turkic civilization, published upon the pages of the periodical press from the unique fond of the National library of the RK, which contains the newspapers and magazines  beginning from the 1930-ss, the articles about the history, economy and culture of the Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkish and Kazakh people.

The exhibition will be of interest for the scientists, researchers in the Turkic studies and for the wide circle of readers.

            We invite everybody to the exhibition!