Head of service:

Rakhimova Anarkul Karipbayevnа

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The main trends:
-  The organization of reader access to the whole informational-bibliographical spectrum of national literature that has come to the NLRK;
-  The formation of the mobile and qualitative fond in all branches of sciences for the satisfaction of the readers’ requests for Kazakhstani editions. 

The main functions:
- the satisfaction of readers’ informational needs for Kazakhstani editions and literature about Kazakhstan published in other countries;
- the information of readers about new acquisitions in the subsidiary fond;
- the acquisition of the subsidiary fond by studying reader needs and the thematics of informational requests;
- the maintenance of the electronic catalogue and the traditional systematic catalogue of the subsidiary fond;
- the organization of permanent thematic exhibitions, exhibitions of new acquisitions;
- the rendering of bibliographical assistance in the choice of literature by the theme;
- the rendering of access to the digitized books and full-text Data-bases;
- the organization of free courses for readers studying the Kazakh language.

There are presented in the reading hall:
  In open access:
-  Literature published by the “Madeni mura” state programme;
-  Literature in all branches of science “Byugingy Kazakstan”;
-  The reference-bibliographical literature;
-  Literary fiction.
2. The depositary of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty city.
3. The thematic exhibitions.
4. The exhibitions of new acquisitions.

The structure:
- the reading-hall for scientific workers;
- the chair for the issuance of books from the subsidiary fond;
- the chair for the issuance of books from the Service of book depositary;
- the cabinet for the studying of the Kazakh language.