There in the reading hall after O. Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Syuretkerdyn parasat biyigy» dedicated to the 80-th birthday of the well-known writer, honored figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tolen Abdikov.

Tolen Abdikov was born in the village Enbek of the Zhangeldinskiy district of the  Kostanayskaya region. In 1965 he graduated from the philological  faculty of the Kazakh state university after S.M. Kirov.

In 1965-1970 he worked as a literary worker in the newspaper “Kazakstan pionery”. From 1970 to 1977 he was head of department in the publishing house “Zhalyn”, deputy chief editor. In 1977 he worked as chief editor at the cinema studio “Kazakhfilm”. In 1976-1986 – the instructor, head of sector of the literary department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Kazakhstan, chief editor of the newspaper “Kazak adebiyety”. In 1994 he worked as assistant of the President of the RK. From 1997 – deputy head of the department of internal policy in the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the great contribution into the development of domestic literature he was given the honorary title of “The honored figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2002), winner of the prize after Franz Kafka (2003), winner of the State prize of the RK for the short novel “Parasat maidany” (2004), was awarded with the orders of “Parasat” (2013), “Barys” of the first degree (2019) for the great contribution into the development of domestic literature.

The purpose of the book exhibition is to unilaterally popularize the works of the writer, acquaint the readers with the literary heritage of Tolen Abdikov.

The book exhibition “Syuretkerdyn parasat biyigy” reflects the materials about the life and creative activity of T. Abdikov: the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference books. After that the exhibition acquaints the reader with the works of the writer.

The first story of Abdikov  “Raikhan” was published in the collection of stories of young writers “The morning dew” (1964). After that there saw the light the collections of stories and short novels “The horizon” (1969), “The autumn leave” (1971), “Akikat” (“The truth”) (1974), “Aitylmagan akikat” (“The untold truth”) (1979), the novels “The dead season” (1985), “The equinox” (1985), “The severe winters of Akshoky” (1987), “Tandamaly” (1991), “On kol” (2002), “Parasat maidany” (2012). The separate stories and short novels of T. Abdikov are translated into the Russian language and published in the collection “The truth” (1980, 1981).T. Abdikov translated into the Kazakh language the ancient Greek myths “The heroes of Hellas” (1977).  There on the stages of the republican theatres is staged the play of T. Abdikov “There were three of us” (1985).

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!