On June 1 National library of the RK within the framework of the year 2022 announced in Kazakhstan as “The year 2022 – the Children’s year” and in the format of the work of the hall of the Literary academy at National library of the RK carried out the holiday of reading for the International day of protection of children – the quest-adventure by the book of A. Niyazova-Belova “The little fox Ryzhik and the secret of the good day”.

The host and the main acting person of the holiday was Agata Niyazova-Belova – the children’s writer, pedagogue, the author of 6 books. The books and the master-classes of the author help the child to grow as a person and develop, understand himself, be sure of himself, develop in himself the feeling of empathy.

There in the jolly holiday participated 73 children aged from 3 to 10 and their parents.

All the children actively got involved in the quest-adventure by the book “The little fox Ryzhik and the secret of the good day” in the bright and emotional reading of the book by the author, and played in the detective investigation with the hero of the book and also danced in the flash-mob.

The activity took place with the assistance of the Trade-union committee of National library.

There at the joyful event were also present the pupils from the actor’s school “The play”, the children of the workers of the library, and also the pupils of the 3-rd class of the School-gymnasium №53 of Almaty city.    

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