There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service “Kazakstan kitaptary” is organized the book exhibition “Tauyelsizdik kyndygy – Zheltoksan!”, dedicated to the 35-th anniversary of the December events in Alma-Ata city.

The December events in Alma-Ata, known as Zheltoksan are the demonstrations of the Kazakh youth which took place on December 16-17, 1986 in Alma-Ata city which was at that time the capital of the Kazakh SSR, which took the form of mass protests and the people’s revolts against the decision of the Soviet power.

In 1921 it is 35 years of the historical events of December, 1986, when the youth’s demonstration broke up the Communistic stereotypes, shook the whole Soviet space. The December events became the beginning of the new epoch. Zheltoksan was not the coming out of one people against another but it was the first expression of protest of thousands of people, who were headed for freedom, against the oppression of the totalitarian system.

The events of December, 1986 have great significance for the understanding of many modern processes in the republic. They exerted considerable influence upon the formation and development of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state. On December 16, 1991 the Supreme Soviet adopted the Law “On the independence and state sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The Independence Day of Kazakhstan is the national holiday and is annually celebrated on December 16-17.

In 2006 there for the 20-th anniversary of the December events was established the monument in Almaty city as the tribute to the historical events of 1986 “Tauyelsizdik tany – the Dawn of freedom”. The majestic monument established at the crossing of the streets Satpayev and Zheltoksan, became the symbol of courage and strength, faith and hope. The independence which Kazakhstan acquired after the December events showed that the state not only became independent but is started competing worthily in the world and freely manage its own future. The Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is conducive by all possible means to the strengthening of independence of the country, provides tolerance in the poly-ethnical, poly-confessional and poly-cultural Kazakhstani society. 

There at the book exhibition “Tauyelsizdik kyndygy – Zheltoksan!” from the fond of National library of the RK are presented the books reflecting the December events of 1986, the documents about the participants, also the materials of the republican scientific-practical conferences, containing the scientific researches of Kazakhstani scientists, their reports and speeches.

The purpose of the book exhibition is to acquaint the readers with the materials, reflecting the December events which became crucial in the fate of each Kazakhstani and bring up the feeling of patriotism, love for the Motherland of the growing generation.


         We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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