On October 19, 1989 the International antinuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” with its leader Olzhas Suleimenov at the head stopped the 11 out of the 18 planned nuclear explosions at the Semipalatinsk polygon. It was the heroic deed: the inflexible will, courage, the abilities of the born leader and the love for his people were for Olzhas Suleimenov the mighty and decisive factor in the closing of the lethal polygon.

On October 19, 1989 the TASS informed about another underground explosion at the Semipalatinsk polygon. The mightiness of the explosion was 150 kilotons. In response to this information the Movement organized the meetings of protest, the people’s meetings in Alma-Ata, Semipalatinsk, Saran, Karauyl, Moscow. There in Karaganda and Pavlodar at the meeting was adopted the Address to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR – at once raise the issue about the closing of the Semipalatinskiy nuclear polygon. On October 19, 1989 there at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in his famous historical speech Olzhas Suleimenov categorically set the issue about the instant closing of the Semipalatinskiy nuclear testing polygon.  And he also added that any next testing would entail the general strike in the whole of Kazakhstan. According to different calculations there in Kazakhstan from the tests at the polygon suffered more than 1,5 million people. On August 29, 1991 there by the Decree of the First President of the RK Nursultan Nazarbayev the Semipalatinskiy polygon was officially closed.

The panel was opened by “the Man of the world”, the well-known poet, people’s writer of Kazakhstan, linguist, Turkologist, the prominent state and public figure, diplomat, the leader of the movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” Olzhas Omarovich Suleimenov.       

Тhe moderator of the Panel was the well-known journalist, vice-president of the International antinuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” Valeriy Aitmukashevich Zhandauletov.

There in the activity participated and spoke the members of the Antinuclear movement: A. Asylbekov, M. Makanova, G. Kunirova, Z. Bagnenko, G. Ergaliyeva, G.Suleimenova, B. Razdykova, K. Basybekova and others. 

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