ҚостанайOn July 3 Director of National library of the RK Bakytzhamal Ospanova went to the state establishment “The Nauryzym district centralized library system” of the Nauryzym district state library system of the Department for development of culture and languages.

Toletaikyzy and the library collective and told them about the present state of the library business, the 110-th jubilee of National library and its work, the projects being carried out and the news.

Bakytzhamal Kaiyrbekkyzy answered the questions of the present colleagues and gave full information about the work of the Kazakhstani Library Union.

Briefly stopping upon the complicated library matters in the work of the Union and their protection, she acquainted the audience with the conditions upon which one can become a member of the Union.

During this work meeting Bakytzhamal Kaiyrbekovna met the scientific workers of the Kostanai regional akimat’s Culture department of the Kostanai regional historical-regional study museum.

They were the specialists of the Naurzym district ethnical-cultural and monitoring that came out upon the special expedition. The purpose of the expedition – the settlement history of the Nauyrzym district, the peculiarities of the construction of the houses, then the life of the local people, the flora and fauna, the collection of data about the ethnographical Southern arts of the people and the monitoring about today’s socio-economic development.    

The expedition inspected the auls Karamendi, Sholaksai, Shiyli, Razdolnoye, Olendi, Kozha, Damdi, met with the people and collected the arts and the samples of folk art, the folk songs.

At the end of the meeting Bakytzhamal Kaiyrbekkyzy inspected the library and became acquainted with the library, its work and today’s life. 

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