Director of National library of the RK B.K. Ospanova and deputy director N.A. Iskaliyeva visited the shop of sculptor Binashev T.M. Binashev

Director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna and deputy director for informational technologies and innovations Iskaliyeva Nuriya Amangaliyevna visited the creative shop of the honored figure of Kazakhstan, the holder of the order “Kurmet”, honorary member of the Russian academy of fine arts, academician of the Academy of fine arts of Kazakhstan, head of the creative association of fine arts “Oner ordasy”, sculptor Binashev Tleuberdi Meldeshevich.

In the course of the visit the guests met with the master and became acquainted with his works. In his turn, Tleuberdi Meldeshevich expressed gratitude to Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna for the support of domestic culture and art and handed to her the letter of gratitude.

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