There in the reading hall of the Arts’ department is organized the exhibition “Onerim sagan, Tauyelsiz Kazakstan!”, dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition consists of several parts and reflects the bright achievements of the people of Kazakhstan in the sphere of culture, art and sport.

The part of the exhibition “Tauyelsiz Kazakstan madeniety” discloses the history, national uniqueness of the Kazakhstani people, their culture, traditions and rites. Here are presented the books: “The Leader of the Nation and culture: the collection of materials and documents”, “The rituals and traditions of the peoples of Kazakhstan”, “The Kazakh folk epos. The history and traditions of the Kazakh people”, “The new life of the ancient traditions”, the books of S.Kenzheakhmetuly “Kazaktyn salt-dasturi men adet-guryptary”, “The everyday life and culture of the Kazakh people”. There are also presented the data about the folk crafts, the national clothes: “The art of Kazakhstan”, the book of S.Shklyaev and K.Muratayev “The history of art of Kazakhstan”, “The 100 masterpieces of art of Kazakhstan. The painting. The sculpture. The graphics”, Sh.Zh.Tokhtabayeva - “The masterpieces of the Great steppe”, “The decorative art of Kazakhstan”, “The painting art of Kazakhstan. The XX-th century”, the book of D. Shokparuly and D.Darkenbaiuly “Kazaktyn koldanbaly oneri”, “The national clothes of the Kazakh people” in the three languages, also from the series of ethnographic collections “The traditional clothes of the Kazakhs: the scientific catalogue” and others.

The next part “The archeology of Kazakhstan” contains the materials about the archeological searches during the years of independence, their excavations, the articles of art. The work of K. Altynbekov “The revived treasures of Kazakhstan: the experience of scientific restoration”, and also the literature in architecture where there are collected the historical factors, pertaining the heritage of architecture urban construction on the territory of Kazakhstan. There are given the data about the richest folk art of architecture and urban construction: the monograph of A.Kh. Margulan, T.K. Beisenov, M.M. Mendigulov “The architecture of Kazakhstan” in 10 volumes, the book “Almaty. The architectural chronicles” and others.

There at the exhibition is also presented the literature on the musical art during the period of the establishment of independence: “Kazakhstannyn tauyelsizdik zhyldaryndagy muzyka onery”, the 8-volume publication “Kazak muzykasy”, the book “The idea of “Mangilik el” in Kazak music”, A. Nugman “Kazaktyn anshilik dasturi”. There are also presented the books dedicated to the life and creative activity of the well-known composers such as – Sh.Kaldayakov, N. Tlendiyev, E. Rakhmadiyev, M. Tulebayev, the famous performers: R.Baglanova, K.Baiseyitova, E.Serkebayev, B.Tulegenova and others.

These books narrate about the creative activity of the modern Kazakhstani theatrical art, where there worked and still work such directors like A. Mambetov, Zh.Khadzhiyev, B.Atabayev, E.Obayev, the people’s artistes Kh. Bukeyeva, A. Ashimov, A. Umurzakova, T.Zhamankulov, F. Sharipova and many others.

There is also presented the part about the achievements in sport of Kazakhstan. The high successes were achieved by the sportsmen and Olympic game participants: S. Sapiyev, G.Golovkin, I.Iliyin, O.Rypakova, A.Vinokurov, B.Artayev and many others.

There at the exhibition are presented more than 300 books and magazines. The exhibition will be exposed in the course of the year and regularly replenished with new materials.

                        We invite everybody to the book exhibition!