The Service of world literature provides editions in more than 120 languages of the world.

There to the services of the readers is provided the open access to the books in all branches of science, the works of the Kazakhstani writers in foreign languages, the classics of Russian and foreign literature, reference literature in the Russian and other languages of the world, and also the periodical editions. There in the reading hall is provided the electronic catalogue of National library of the RK “RALIS. Search and Order”, there is also access to the world English-lingual scientific journals of the “EBSCO” data-base. And also for the readers there is provided the possibility of watching the audio-visual films on different electronic carriers. There in the reading hall of the Department of world literature are situated the Book corners of foreign countries (Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey, China).

The purpose of the book corners is the information and assistance for development and popularization  of the national culture, history and literature in the native languages of the presented countries. There into the activity of the Book corners comes the servicing of the readers and the carrying out of the cultural-mass activities. Each Book corner has its own subsidiary book fond in the native language. There is organized the exhibition of folk creative activity of Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and China.

There in the hall operates The Informational centre of development. The mission of the Centre is the transference to the wide public of the best experience and accumulated knowledge of the international organizations accredited in Kazakhstan.  

The Centre provides the charge-free and open access to information in the sphere of development and offers for everybody willing to use the modern and constantly renewed resources.

The Centre is created in partnership with the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the following international organizations: the World Bank, the Department for Central-Asian regional economic cooperation, the Eurasian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the United Nations Organization.

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