There for the library specialists and readers operates the Hall of library study.

The library fond numbers approximately 7000 copies of domestic and foreign editions in different trends of library activity:

  • The history of the libraries;
  • The library legislation;
  • The library fonds and catalogues;
  • The automation of library processes
  • The electronic resources and the informational-library servicing;
  • The publication of books and the book market;
  • The scientific-research work of the libraries;
  • The library management and marketing;
  • The materials of the conferences and councils in librarianship;
  • About the library ethics and etiquette;

There for the users is opened access to the data-base “The librarianship”. There in the hall of librarianship are organized the permanently operating exhibitions by the following themes:

  • “The pulse of the libraries of Kazakhstan”;
  • “The editions of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan”;
  • “The new editions”.