On January 6 the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan was visited by the Deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, members of the Committee of the Senate for social-cultural development and science – the well-known journalist , the Honored figure of Kazakhstan Zhusup Nurtore Baitlesovich and the holder of the orders “Parasat” and “Kurmet” Nuketayeva Dinar Zhusupaliyevna.

During the visit director of National library Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kairbekovna narrated about the history and activity of the library, acquainted them with the work of the reading halls and centres – the Literary centre of Abai and the Scientific centre of al-Farabi, opened last year in the reading hall “Kazakstan kitaptary” within the framework of the jubilees of the great personalities Abai and al-Farabi. Also the guests were acquainted with the book corners of the foreign countries, situated in the reading hall of world literature.

The deputies paid special attention to the fond of rare books and their preservation. They were acquainted with the rare unique editions, including the collection of the Korans of the XII, XVIII, XIX cc. and Oriental manuscripts. There in the Service of restoration, conser4vation and binding the guests were shown: the laboratory of scientific conservation of documents which operates from 2001, the restoration-binding sector, and also the School for conservation and restoration of written documents.

It was stressed that the National library of the RK from 2008 is the Regional IFLA/PAC Centre for the preservation and conservation of documents in Central Asia. There was shown the monitoring regime of storage of the library documents, the biological and physical-chemical stabilization of documents, the restoration-binding stabilization of documents and the phase-by-phase conservation.

It was noted that with the issues of preservation of documents the National library is engaged from 1999 with the formation of the Centre of preservation of the collections of the libraries. From 2003 there was begun the educational activity among the librarians of Kazakhstan and after that of the Central-Asian region. As for today all the specialists in the conservation and restoration of paper documents were brought up by the School at the National library of the RK in Almaty city.

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