There in the reading hall of the arts’ department is organized the book exhibition named “Kyui anasy - Dina”, dedicated to the 160-th anniversary of the well-known Kazakh dombra-player, the People’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR Dina Kenzheyevna Nurpeisova (1961-2020).

Dina Nurpeisova was born in 1861 in the place of Naryn-kum of the Western-Kazakhstani region today. She studied how to play the dombra from her father. She was one of the three daughters in the family of Kenzhe from the clan of Tolengit. Two of her sisters sang beautifully and her father offered to Dina to accompany their singing with the playing upon the dombra. Her father became the first teacher of Dina, and later her mentor was Kurmangazy himself. From her childhood she performed the kyuis of Dauletkerei, Kurmangzay, Mukhit, Myusirali, Uzak, Alikei, Turkesh, Eszhan, Baizhuma, Balamaisan and other well-known kyuishis so well that she was called “The girl-dombra-player”.

The works of Dina became the classics of the Kazakh dombra music, including the kyuis “Bulbul”, “Kogentyup”, “Baizhuma”, “Zhiger”, “16 zhyl”, “Asem konyr”, “Toi bastar”, “Mother’s will”, “Sauynshy”, “8 Marta” and others.

In 1937 the dombra-player Smagul Koshekbayev by the order of the well-known musical expert Akhmet Zhubanov found Dina Nurpeisova in the village Kozlovo of the Marfinsk district of the Astrakahn region and brought her to Almaty. Already in the autumn of that same year she achieved the first success at the Second republican meeting of people’s talents. Here she perfectly performed her kyui “Bulbul”, and also the works of Kurmangazy “Toremurat” and “Kairan sheshem”. The jury unanimously gave her the first place. That same year she was taken to work to the Kazakh philharmonic society and she was given the title “The honored figure of art”.

In 1939 there in Moscow took place the All-Union competition of performers on folk instruments in which there participated 2 thousand people. There to the second stage of

the competition passed approximately two hundred participants and among them Dina Nurpeisova. The well-know musical expert V.M.Belyayev wrote about the performance of Dina Nurpeisova in the magazine “Soviet music” (1939, №11) the following: “The competition raised the significance of the folk musical instruments as the means for the development of the musical culture of the wide masses. The high performance mastery of playing on the Kazakh dombra which Dina Nurpeisova showed – this “Dzhambul of the dombra” is the best way of artistic agitationfor the preservation and development of this instrument and the other analogous instruments”. 

In 1944 there in Tashkent took aplce the third deacde of music of the republics of the Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To this holiday of art came also Dina Nurpeisova who was 83 year of age at that time. That same year she was awarded the title of “The people’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR”.

All her life she performed her playing, achieving that highest mastery which makes it possible according to the words of the witnesses, to speak about her unsurpassed dombra technics.

The last public concert the veteran dombra-player gave in 1952 when she was 91 years of age. She died on January 31, 1955 in Almaty city.

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