From November 30 to December 11 specialists from the city and district archives of the Almaty region - Nurmukhamedov Sh. M., Takishev Z. M. and Kabdenov M. B. were trained at the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at The school for conservation and restoration of written documents Trainees were trained in the laboratory of scientific preservation of documents

They were given theoretical knowledge on the preservation of library collections and demonstrated practical methods for new technologies in the field of document preservation: pH pen tester, spray Bookkipper. On biological stabilization were shown: chamber disinfection, cleaning of sheets, treatment with biocide; on physical and chemical stabilization: neutralization of acidity, treatment with barrow solution, etc.; on mechanical stabilization: production of microclimatic containers from acid-free cardboard. Then the trainees moved to the restoration and bookbinding sector, where they received practical skills in the restoration and repair of books: preparation of glue, repair and restoration of Newspapers and books, production of new bindings. During the practical work, the specialists were familiarized with restoration materials and tools.

At the end of the course, the Director of the National library, B. K. Ospanova, presented the trainees with certificates.

The national library of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been the IFLA/PAK regional center for document preservation and preservation in Central Asia since 2008. The work plan of the regional center in 2021 includes master classes on conservation and restoration of books by famous restorers from Uzbekistan and Turkey.

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