From October 5 to 16, 2020 the specialists of the RSE “The Central state archives” of the MCS of the RK – Aikazy A.M., Dosanbekov D.N. and Ukatayev B.S. went through the studying at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents organized on the basis of National library of the RK.

The specialists of the CSA were acquainted with the modern methods of preservation of documents carried out at the Service of restoration, conservation and binding of National library of the RK. They mastered the technologies for the preservation of the documentary heritage, namely: the preventive and phase-by-phase conservation; the kinds and causes of damage of documents; methods of treatment of documents from bio-damages, the restoration of books on the paper basis; the manufacturing of bindings; the basics of graphic making of bindings in the Photoshop programme; peculiarities of restoration of rare books and manuscripts. There was marked the importance of preservation of the regime of storage of paper documents: the temperature-humidity, light and sanitary-hygienic control.

Director of National library of the RK Ospanova B.K. handed the certificates on the passage of the course in conservation and restoration of documents.

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